Can anyone recommend a great double stroller that can accomodate an infant and a toddler? I would ideally like to be able to have the infant face me and the toddler face outward. I would also like for it to be able to be used for a few years so it will need to be adjustable to accomodate a toddler and an older child down the road. I am not a fan of the modular stroller, car seat combos you find at Babies-R-Us, the kind that are cheaply made and won't last. I would rather spend good money and have a great stroller.

Here is a wish list:

  • really safe
  • durable
  • washable fabric
  • swivel front wheel(s)
  • good quality/long lasting
  • light weight aluminum frame
  • Daddy friendly - has to be more sporty than frilly in look
  • ideally have a hand and foot brake
  • ideally be able to snap a Peg Perego infant seat into it
  • have a good size storage area for diaper bag
  • folds down easily

If anyone knows of this illusive creature I seek, please let me know!

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Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller is one of my two strollers I use. The seats can turn around to face any direction, or back to back as you're looking for. It comes with one infant seat attachment that does hold Peg Perego car seats. It comes in blue/black or red/black so the colors are pretty neutral enough for a man to push (my husband pushes ours without any complaints). It has foot brakes, but no hand breaks. The seat material is easy to wipe off, but I don't think that you can strip the seats to put them in the wash. The bottom basket is fairly large, but I usually hang my diaper bag on the handles. It has most of the features you're looking for, but it is pretty heavy and you have to remove a seat to fold it.

You could also read this question Recommend a Twin Stroller for more info on other double strollers.


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I would also recommend a Sit & Stand. A couple of popular lines are the Joovy Caboose and Baby Trend.

Personally, I've got a Baby Trend Sit 'N Stand LX and my kids are 21 months apart. I like it because it gives my 2 year old a lot more flexibility - she can walk, stand on the platform or sit in the jump seat.

As for your specific queries:

  • Safe: the infant car seat adapter fits most car seats - mine snaps in and there is an additional safety strap to make sure everything is secure. The jump seat has a 3-point safety and the front seat has a 5-point harness.

  • Durable: so far so good. I've had this stroller for 6 months (since my son was born) and have used it as my primary stroller for dog walks & shopping trips.

  • Washable Fabric: I've only spot cleaned the fabric, but haven't had issues.

  • Swivel Front Wheels: Yep - I can't remember if there is a feature to lock them in place or not. (edit: I checked this morning, and yes, the front wheels can be locked in place)

  • Light-weight: Well, it's ~25lbs, BUT add in a 35 lb toddler, a 20 lb infant and (sometimes) an infant carseat and it can get a little heavy.

  • Daddy friendly: Definitely - I wouldn't describe the look as "frilly" - also, the handle seems a little higher than some of my other strollers, which is nice for taller people.

  • Brakes: Foot brake only

  • Car seat: Almost any brand of car seat will fit

  • Storage: Basket size is OK, although it can be a little tough to get to with both kids on the stroller. I've found that it works best if you unsnap the side of the basket and put your stuff in that way

  • Folds Down Easily: You bet - with one hand and a foot - easy, breezy.

When I looked, it came down to the Baby Trend and the Joovy Caboose. I ended up going for the Baby Trend because I got it on sale and it has a tray for keys/phone/etc & cupholders ;)


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I have the Baby Trend Sit 'N Stand Plus. It is unique because as far as I have found it is the only stroller that has 2 bucket seats in which the back seat can be converted into a jump seat.

Because I had an infant and small toddler I didn't know how soon my toddler would be ready for the jump seat. The drawback with only a jump seat in the rear is that there is no back for the toddler to lean back against and so would not be good for long leisure rides, but ideal for places like the zoo where they are getting in and out a lot.

I'm glad I have the option of both because as it turns out my toddler still really enjoys riding in a regular seat so I haven't converted the back to a jump seat yet.

The only major drawback is that although the storage basket is very large, it is somewhat awkward to get large things into it with the back seat as a seat, but still very useable.

It comes with a car seat bar latch and a strap so I would imagine most infant seats would be able to click into the bar and use the adjustable nylon strap over the seat. I had a Grayco infant seat.

So other than not having a handbrake I think it meets all of your other qualifications very well. Ours is green/brown and sporty looking.


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I don't know if this has all the qualifications you are looking for but here is an option: It is called the Sit and Stand Elite Stroller and Double Stroller:


Hope this helps!


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My sister in law has this one and Loves it.

(03 Nov '09, 04:05) Mary

The Graco double stroller works well, is fairly durable, and is reasonably priced. The Peg Perego car seats fit in, but do not snap in. I think you can buy a stretcy cross strap to secure other types of car seats into the Graco. The Peg Perego double stroller is light, but it expensive, doesn't have much storage, and it is next to impossible to snap in Peg Perego seats.


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I strongly recommend any of the Phil and Ted's in-line double strollers. They are SO easy to maneuver- turn on a dime, can handle rugged outdoor terrain even when loaded with both kids. We LOVE ours. At first you can use the car seat adapter (there is one for the Peg car seat) to put the infant in the front seat (facing you) with the toddler in the bottom. Just be aware that isn't the recommended set up- they recommend you put the baby on the bottom laying flat, but everyone I know uses it in the way I've described and it works great, you just have to be sure to unload the larger child first. You can then switch places once the little one is big enough to sit in the jump seat.

Many people are concerned that the toddler gets ripped off being in the back, but our son absolutely loved the back. There is a better view than you might think!

There are only two features that I found to be a pain, one was that there is a definite learning curve to folding/unfolding the stroller, so at first I cursed it often. Only as I was dealing with that though, once it is actually set up it is a pure joy to use. The other is that when both kids are in it there isn't much storage space. You can get saddle bags though, which help. We also have this for the handlebars: Handlebar Console


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The BOB Revolution Duallie might work for you. With the infant adapter, you could mount the infant car seat facing you and your toddler could face out. Not sure if all infant car seats work with the adapter but you could ask about your brand's compatibility.


We have the single Revolution and it is AWESOME. Even though it's >20 lbs, I can push it with one finger and it turns on a dime. You can use them for jogging too, if that's what you're into. Read some of the reviews and you'll see why people call it The Cult of BOB. ;)


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We have a Baby Jogger City Select. Despite the name, it's just a regular stroller, not a jogger. We used it in a single configuration with our first son, and have recently added the car seat adapter (we use a Maxi Cosi Mico but the adapter kit seems to have parts for most seats). Our second is only a week old, so we haven't really put it through all its paces as a double yet.


  • inline rather than side-by-side. If you plan to fit through single doorways, this is a must.
  • Front lockable swivel wheels.
  • Dozens of configurations, and it's easy to switch between them. We have the infant seat facing the rear, and the main stroller seat facing forward. but in about 30 seconds I can turn it back into a single with either the infant seat, or the stroller seat.
  • lightweight
  • easy to fold
  • low center of gravity, so it's hard to tip over
  • Handbrake. We definitely prefer this to the foot brake on our previous stroller (Quinny Buzz).
  • big storage basket at the bottom. It doesn't become unusable if you recline the seat like on some other strollers, so you could probably fit a large diaper bag in there comfortably. We use these clips to hang our diaper bag from the handle (yes, the City Select instructions say not to hang things from the handle, but if you mount the clips low, it doesn't affect the balance of the stroller) which leaves the basket free for other stuff.


  • Doesn't fold very compact with carseat adapter attached -- the adapters stick up. This isn't too much of a problem, since the adapters can be removed quickly if we need more trunk space.
  • the low center of gravity makes it harder to "pop" the front wheels up to get over a curb than some other strollers.

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