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What is a child raising or parenting resource -- blog, book, website, etc. -- that you would recommend which is specific to a certain religion? (Please state which religion your resource applies to.)

Edit: one answer pointed out that this question needs to be made more clear: this is to discover resources for raising children with values consistent with and in the spirit of said religion. I imagine that will include educating them about the religion as well (since that's a tenet of most religions) but this latter part is ancillary.

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asked 03 Nov '09, 14:11

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Paul Stephenson

VEGGIETALES - Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun

Also 3-2-1 Penguins (by the same people as VeggieTales)

BTW, I'm Protestant.

I agree with the use of a Bible but I go with the NIV over the Catholic Bible (yes there is a difference - the Apocrypha and a few other books).

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answered 03 Nov '09, 17:47

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Interestingly, my intro to VeggieTales were from a Jewish family with kids. I thought it was supposed to be exclusively Christian (silly stuff aside) but they pointed out that most of the stuff talked about "God", not "Jesus" and the Biblical tales were almost exclusively from the Old Testament.

(03 Nov '09, 18:03) Dinah

The stories are adaptations of OT accounts and parables because when they started producing VeggieTales, the mother of one of the creators asked that they not portray Jesus as a vegetable. And he promised he wouldn't. So they stay away from the actual stories of Jesus but some of the episodes, like the Wizard of Ha's, are based off his teachings, i.e. the prodigal son. The wonderful thing about VT is that it does have such a large audience appeal.

(04 Nov '09, 00:43) mkcoehoorn

I've just begun reading The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian. I'm not all the way through the book, but I would recommend it to other Christian parents or rather any parent who believes their child would benefit from their prayers.

I love this quote from the first chapter:

We try to do the best we can raising our children. Then, just when we think we've got the parenting terrain all figured out, we suddenly find ourselves in new territory again as each new age and stage presents another set of challenges...the key is not trying to do it all by ourselves all at once, but rather turning to the expert parent of all time - God the Father, for help.

My religion is Protestant

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answered 04 Nov '09, 09:49

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This is a great book! I would have to agree with you Sabrina!

(06 Nov '09, 09:10) Melissa 1

My mother didn't use very many paper or electronic resources besides these two:

The Catholic Catechism


The Bible

I think her biggest resource besides those were parenting groups through our church, usually baby-sitting co-ops and Bible studies. It was important she stay well-fed on the faith so she could guide us.

Is the idea to find resources for educating your children in said religion or methods of raising them in the spirit of that faith?

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answered 03 Nov '09, 14:44

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Clarification added. Thanks for bringing that up.

(03 Nov '09, 15:02) Dinah

-1 for gratuitous use of images. You could make the same point with text and a link.

(06 Nov '09, 11:04) Mungo

+1 when i realised it's a community wiki and I could edit it :)

(06 Nov '09, 11:07) Mungo

Images of book covers are good for recognition (Amazon seems to think so, for example), but only if they're not too big.

(06 Nov '09, 14:12) Paul Stephenson
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