My 11 week old is already wearing size 6-9 month sleepers... He was 8 1/2 lbs when he was born, now he's pushing 15!
Will his growing plateau? When will it all start to even out?
I don't want him to be in 9-12 by the time he's 4 mos old!!

asked 03 Nov '09, 15:26

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"I don't want him to be in 9-12 by the time he's 4 mos old!!" - There's really nothing you can do, can you?

(03 Nov '09, 16:05) JJJ

You child is completely normal. As a rule, the average child wears the size ahead of their age. For instance, a 3 month old would wear 6-9 month clothes, a 6-9 month old wears 12 month size, a 1 year old wears 18 month clothes, etc.

This I know from personal experience and it is common knowledge with North American parents.

I will however go find a reference to appease Scott....

"Generally, children will wear the next size up from their age if they are average size.

Taller children may wear 2 sizes up and petite children may wear the same size as their age." quoted from this children's boutique website


answered 03 Nov '09, 16:35

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Which make you wonder why they don't change the name of the sizes...

(03 Nov '09, 17:43) JJJ

@dreamerisme: You know what I'm going to say right? :-) How do you know this?

(03 Nov '09, 17:48) Scott ♦♦

oh, ok, great! that's good to know- it's just i have toooo many clothes and he's growing out of them too fast ;)

(03 Nov '09, 18:57) DazedandConfused

@Dazed, I think we all have that problem =)

(03 Nov '09, 21:11) JJJ

@dreamerisme: Thank you for adding the references. If you know something from personal experience it's appropriate to say so in the text of your answer. Then you won't have to worry about getting the comments and reminders from Scott.

(04 Nov '09, 00:28) Tammy ♦♦

I was basically going to suggest the same as dreamerisme. The Recommendations section of this consumer report confirms the point made about sizing. consumer reports baby-clothing

Additionally I would like to add that generally in my experience;

European Brands, French and Spanish like Zara, Petite Bateau, Tartine & Chocolate and H&M may be on the smaller side when compared with American brands. I only know Carters and Gap from the States and gifts we receieved were worn approxiamtely 6 months later.

I found that British brands like Mothercare, Next, & Marks&Spencers tended to be right in the middle.

Gifts from my mother in the U.K would be worn there and then, when shopping from European brands I would always buy items that were intended for bigger kids. For example when she was 12 months I would purchase 24 or 36 months because the garments looked really small to me.

Additionally I think some children can seem bigger, because the parents are tall and well built :)

We are not....

Edit P.S It can be really hard to refrain oneself from buying things, so if you really really have the urge to get your little one something, and you spot a great deal or bargain try and makesure it is something that they will grow into :)


answered 03 Nov '09, 19:35

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