Has anyone hired a live-in nanny? Any idea of how to go about it? Would you recommend it? We have been kicking the idea around for a while now but we don't know anyone who has done it. Any suggestions on what to look for, agencies to use or pitfalls we should be aware of?

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We know several families with live in nannies. Some have bigger homes with separate areas for the nanny while a couple of them have given up a room in their house in order to provide accommodation. So firstly you should think aobut where the nanny will sleep, will you have to give up any valuable space? or whether you may benefit just as well from a live out nanny.

I would also try to be clear about what you would be expecting from a nanny (Nannies Duties) then try and foresee your career path and thinking about how you might want to continue with it, as a working mum.

Then I would search on the internet and visit and talk to agencies in your area and get an idea for prices and services. Learn how they would go about finding a nanny for you. What is applicable in one country may not be in another. Look out for agencies who supply nannies from overseas. and if so do these nannies have appropiate qualifications and health screening.

We never considered having a live in nanny because we didn't want our living enviroment to change, we also discovered at this point that most of the people with nannies both live in and live out around us were not what you would call professional nannies, and this seems to be a growing trend. You may find these articles to be interesting reads Imported Nannies join black market and Tibetan nannies

So for us the latter was one of the main reasons why we refused to go down that road. Alternatively paying for a nanny from a reputable agency from the U.K was a bit more than what we were looking to spend. I was a stay at home mother for two years, I had a part time house-keeper which helped tremendously, so I was able to enjoy my time as a mother. Our daughter attended Creche from the age of 2 onwards. I drove her there and collected her every evening. It was not easy but it was the right enviroment for her. We have seen the benefits.

Now at the age of 5 we have a employed local lady as house keeper, who helps run the household, she meets our daughter when she arrives home from Pre-school, she is responsible for providing snacks and drinks for our daughter, reading stories and playing games. She babysits when we go out and during the day she assists with household chores.

I hope this has thrown some light on the issue for you.


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I have not hired a live-in nanny, but my best friend was a live-in nanny for 2 years during college. This family found her through a job board at our college. They first just had her babysit during the day for a sememster. Then when summer came around she moved in with them which worked out perfectly for her as well since everyone has to be out of the dorms in the summer. My friend's major was Home Economics so she was pretty much practicing to be a mother anyway! hehe Maybe you could try that if you don't have any other leads.


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