I have a 6 yr old who just started Kindergarten. Over the last few years my child has been going to a preschool at a local church. Although I have been very happy with the preschool (they don't force education on the kids and I do believe that kids should learn naturally) I have found myself yo-yoing between Montessori and preschool several times. I know a few parents that send their kids to Montessori and swear by it. However, when I look online for reviews on schools in my area, they are all average. So I have 2 questions:

Is Montessori the preferred way to educate kids? I'd also like to hear from parents of older kids that have had their kids there.

Is it too late to start a 6 yr old with Montessori? i.e. has a 6 yr old passed many of the sensitive stages that are introduced early on?

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I do not know if you can ever get an answer to "Is Montessori the prefered way to educate kids" because that depends on the number and selection of schools given in a specific area, with comparisons made between Montessori, normal schools, and private schools

I do know from my father in law, (he is a childrens psychologist) that the Montessori Methods are regarded highly and that learning takes place in a refined enviroment that enhances and encourages learning and where teaching methods and suggested study modes all combine to produce an exceptional enviroment for young children to learn and develop.

We were not able to find any suitable Montessori Pre-schools in our area, ( we live in Istanbul, Turkey) while researching we saw that some schools using the name Montessori, were infact not adhering to the Montessori philosphy.

So finding the right Montessori school may well mean alot of research, questions and visits to potential schools for you before you find the one that feels right for you and your child. Finding a Montessori school

As to your question whether is 6 years old too late, here is a blog Confessions of a Montessori Mum with some nice posts that I enjoyed following.

As an added note; We were introduced to the PYP Primary years programme and our 5 year old attends a pre school with the PYP syllabus. We are happy with it.


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I think that six is probably too old to realize much benefit from the Montessori preschool program. He can probably pour his own water, might know his letters, and probably has a decent grasp of numbers. (Also, I'm a little confused by your terminology: Kindergarten generally takes place after preschool and is more education-oriented than preschool generally.)

The Montessori principles are a very sound way to capitalize on the child's inherent desire to learn about the world he lives in. But they're not the only way to do so.

EDIT Backing this up:


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+1 for final point about "parents seeking curiosty and independence" Just a note to add that I think Kindergarten doesn't necessarily take place after pre-school and is not more education orientated. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preschool_education Having said that perhaps the terminology for "Kindergarten, Creche, and Nursery" could vary from between countries. –

(07 Nov '09, 09:55) Emi

In my limited experience, they are subsequent and more educational.

(07 Nov '09, 18:49) bbrown

Thats really interesting, which country are you speaking about? If I may ask.

(08 Nov '09, 06:13) Emi

In both Canada and the US, preschool is for 2 to 4 year olds, they are private and not covered by the government and are optional. Kindergarten is for 5 year olds (in some provinces we have Junior Kindergarten which begins at 4 years as well) which takes place in elementary schools as the first stage of public school. There is a curriculum, grades and you have to meet certain goals to advance to Grade 1. I have heard of kids being held back although in Canada that is a rare occurrence these days.

(08 Nov '09, 21:42) Tammy ♦♦

@Tammy Thanks alot for the information Tammy! I guess it can vary quite a bit then.

(09 Nov '09, 20:02) Emi

I think some children learn well with the Montessori teaching style and other kids just don't learn so well in that kind of free environment. Some kids need structure and some kids thrive in an open or free environment. In other words, it depends on the child's personality and learning style.


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