I know there are plenty of other questions about vaccinations, but I just wanted a yes or no answer (no explanation needed), as to whether or not your will be vaccinating yourself & your children against the swine flu. I'm just curious to see how many people say yes versus no.

Please just say yes or no.

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asked 04 Nov '09, 18:46

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Shannon B
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Good idea to poll such a topic!

(04 Nov '09, 20:10) Emi

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Absolutely, yes. It's the same vaccine process as always, just tuned for the new flu strain (they tune it to new strains every year, so that isn't new). If you have gotten flu shots before, there's no reason to think that this one is any less safe or less tested than the seasonal flu vaccine. http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/vaccination/vaccine_safety.htm The big difference is that they're recommending it more broadly -- usually, flu shots are recommended for the very young and very old, but this strain can be severe in those who are usually not at big risk of dying from flu.

Also note that it's not just about whether you, individually, want the risk tradeoffs. A big factor in spread of the disease is herd immunity. Getting immunized helps make you immune (but not 100% effective, and not everybody can get the shot). But getting immunized also prevents you from being a carrier (which helps those who couldn't get the shot or who got the shot but for some reason it didn't confer full immunity to them).

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answered 04 Nov '09, 20:56

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Yes the whole family is getting it - we have a 2-month-old nephew and we can't risk bringing something home from school, work or social situations to the little guy!

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answered 05 Nov '09, 01:55

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As soon as I can get a dose. My preemie twins need every bit of help I can give them to get through the winter safely, and the H1N1 vaccine is tested just like the seasonal shot is.

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answered 04 Nov '09, 23:09

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Yes, my wife and me got our shots two days ago. We decided that our daughter (8 months) won't, because she is having enough trouble right now with three new teeth coming. We may reconsider that once this episode of teething is over.

As for the vaccines being sufficiently tested or not, I agree with the answer given by Igritz: There is no difference to the seasonal flu vaccines. (They are produced with the same processes, which are tried and tested for several decades now.) AFAIK, the same trials and tests were performed, without any shortcuts taken. If you have no objection to seasonal flu vaccinations, you shouldn't have any for swine flu vaccination, either.

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answered 07 Nov '09, 19:58

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Yes for the whole family

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answered 04 Nov '09, 18:51

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No. Both our general practitioner and our son's pediatrician recommended against it, since they feel there is not enough study done on it to deem it safe.

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answered 04 Nov '09, 18:52

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Matthew Jones
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our pediatrician advised against it too. So we will not be getting it either.

(04 Nov '09, 20:48) Michelle

http://www.flu.gov/myths/index.html "Clinical trials conducted by the National Institutes of Health and the vaccine manufacturers have shown that the new H1N1 vaccine is both safe and effective. The FDA has licensed it. There have been no safety shortcuts. It is produced exactly the same way the seasonal flu vaccine is produced every year. It is simply a new virus strain. In fact, had H1N1 struck this country earlier than this spring, the H1N1 strain probably would have been included as part of this year’s seasonal flu shot."

(04 Nov '09, 23:07) ceejayoz

Yes, if it becomes available in our area.

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answered 04 Nov '09, 19:08

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Kiesa ♦
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Yes, my husband and I both got it this week to protect our 3-month old.

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answered 04 Nov '09, 19:34

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We are not getting it, flu is not pleasant but in the majority of cases it is something you will recover from in a week.

Once you have had it you are protected against that strain.

However if you are old, have a secondary condition or are pregnant then get it.

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answered 05 Nov '09, 11:07

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No we have all had swine flu

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answered 05 Nov '09, 11:56

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Phil Seller
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