In our family only 2 of the 5 of us siblings have children. All my siblings give gifts to the kids. Last year as a gift to all of them I made hand and foot prints of our then 3.5 month old daughter and framed them as gifts. This year I am looking for something different to give. Its not about the money but more about the sentimental significance. In years to come I will have our daughter make them each a special gift herself as a keepsake but for now she is still too young. Anyone have any great ideas?

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One year we got pictures taken of our daughter with Santa then had her finger paint the matting that went in the frame for the grandparents. Then for everyone else, she finger painted the wrapping paper and gift tags (index cards with names on them). Another year we got some plain white ties and some iron-on transfer crayons for her to color in a Christmas tree to put on the ties for her grandpas. That year she practiced coloring the trees by making all the gift tags by coloring in trees with regular crayons. I know several family members still have the tree tags, and a few have the finger painted index cards.


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LOVE the ties idea!

(05 Nov '09, 04:10) dreamerisme

Frame ornaments with Pictures in them. In my town we have a paint your own pottery place and you cam up their hand prints on the Ornament and a picture they turn out very cute and nice to put on any type of tree.

Some thing we also do is take out kids to the Local Dollar Tree with of a list of family and tell the to pick out what THEY thin the person would like. The first year the whole family got some kind of toy but as my girls get older they really put some thought in the presents.


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Every year I create photo magnet sculptures of our kids as gifts for family. They are really easy to make yourself and our family really enjoys them.

Here's how to make one: Magnet paper is fairly inexpensive and comes in sheets found at craft stores. You can pull the back of the paper off and it becomes sticky so that you can stick the picture onto it. Then cut out the picture around the baby's body. It needs to be either a full body picture or at least a picture of the baby facing the camera. They turn out very cute. Here is an example of what I'm talking about that I found online. Looks like another idea from this website would be photo sculpture ornaments.


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She's too young for it now, but the best gifts from kids, in my opinion, are gifts that they make. The most treasured I'd ever received was when my then-10-year-old gave me a "book" she had written, containing stories and memories she'd written down of her time spent with my late father, her grandfather. She had taken the time over weeks and weeks to write down memories as they came to her, then bound them together in a beautiful book I now cherish.

Receiving a heartfelt gift like that from a child is sure to warm the heart of any relative, and helps the kids learn gratitude for time spent with an aunt/uncle/cousin/grandparent, as well as helps them remember all the good times they've had together.

I would say even a 4- or 5-year-old could participate in making such a book for a relative, with your guidance. You could ask them to recall favourite times with the relative, or funny stories/memories, and ask the child to illustrate it. You could help them print a few key words at the bottom, to mark the memory.

And come on, be honest: who wouldn't love a book all about them? ;-)


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It's not clear to me what age they are, but I think we'd agree that a gift isn't truly from a child unless the child initiates the idea of giving a gift. Of course, that's often an idea they get from a relative or teacher in a none-too-round-about way. That idea will probably start as a question of the "What can I give to..." variety. To answer that you'll want a catalog of all the crafts-projects your child has tried and maybe note any that they enjoyed (assuming they're not getting an allowance).

Personally I liked to make marbled wrapping paper in the bathtub and painting smooth rocks to look like animals.


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