I just had my son in the Snugli for a little dance party in the living room... As he was dangling in it I was wondering if it could be putting pressure on his boy parts? I know he's cushioned by the diaper, but in the Snugli it's as though his whole 15 lbs of body weight is totally resting on his groin. Has anyone heard anything about this? Just wondering ;)

asked 05 Nov '09, 18:42

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Tammy ♦♦

What's a Snugli?

(05 Nov '09, 19:24) JJJ

Its a baby carrier that you strap the baby into on your chest.

(05 Nov '09, 19:54) Shannon B

Its another name for a "baby carrier" that you can wear, suitable for men and women to use and great for carrying your baby around and keeping both hands free!

(05 Nov '09, 19:57) Emi

As man myself, I can assure you he'd let you know pretty quickly if it was uncomfortable ;)


answered 05 Nov '09, 19:36

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haha :) thanks, good point!

(05 Nov '09, 20:42) DazedandConfused

You might find Sarah's answer to a question about baby wraps interesting in regards to putting pressure on a baby's crotch area. I had never thought about it until she brought it up as an answer to the baby wrap question.


answered 06 Nov '09, 03:53

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They have been in use for many many years and there are no warnings about placing boys in them so I would have to believe that they weren't causing problems or they would not be on the market still.


answered 06 Nov '09, 03:58

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Yes, I agree with this too....and they are babies in diapers not men! lol

(07 Nov '09, 02:02) Sabrina
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