When my children get fevers I usually go straight for the Tylenol and continue the doses until their fevers are gone. My friend recently told me that she thought giving her son Tylenol (or any medication) elongated the fever and that she felt giving nothing caused the fever to decrease faster. Has anyone else experienced this.

I think I'd personally still medicate at the onset of a high fever, but when it's a low grade fever I may consider this. I plan on asking my doctor about this when we go in for our next appointment.

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Good timing on this question - I was wondering the same thing yesterday.

My general rule is NOT to medicate a low or mid grade fever if it is not affecting sleep or general mood.

This article from Seattle's Children's Hospital regarding fevers, how to treat them at home and when to see a doctor might help.


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That's a great article--thanks!

(07 Nov '09, 17:55) BetsyB

That is a really great article, good find. Thank you!

(09 Nov '09, 09:38) Sabrina

My doctor suggested Motrin before and after my son had his 2 month innocculations. It really helped to ease the discomfort and the day after when he had a fever, he was really fussy and out of it and could not be calmed. I gave him another dose of Motrin and it brought his fever down, helped him sleep for 2 hours and eased him back into his regular routine.


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I would definitely agree with you about discussing it with your doctor. From my experience and personel point of view I would agree to some effect with your friend.

Alot depends on what you and what your doctor consider to be a high temperature. When my daughter was younger, we would monitor her temperature and try and hold off giving her anything until we felt that the temperature had reached a peak.

For us 38.5 Celsius (that translates 101.3 Farenheit) would be the time to give a first dose. This worked for us, but each child is different, we know of children who would be taken to the hospital and given Tylenol the moment there was any sign of fever, and that probably worked best for those children.

I think the metabolism of each child, even from the same family varies, and what works for one may not work for the other.

Edit: I felt I should give more detail when I say "some children with any sign of fever" For example we didn't know that it was not too uncommon for some children to have Seizures that occured with fever. If you are a parent whose child is prone to such seizures then of course you would not consider waiting at all. We knew two children who has such attacks as soon as they had minor ailments with fever.


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