I've put off getting a wipe warmer with my previous children. But we have just had 4th, and winters is coming up. I keep thinking that a wipe warmer would be help with the diaper changes.

I know people have opinions about the usefulness, but I'm looking more for actual experience with specific brands.


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Our experience was that by the time you get the warm wipe to the baby's butt, it has substantially cooled down anyway, and that the main function is to keep the wipes in a handy place and staying moist. We eventually stopped turning it on.

We came away from the diaper years convinced that wipe warmers were a worthless gimmick, and that if you must have one at all, any one will do. I know you asked for information about specific brands rather than whether they are helpful at all, but I think that does get to the heart of it -- if they don't do much useful, any brand will do.


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We have a Munchkin Standard Wipe Warmer and honestly we don't even use it. I've found that whenever I put wipes in it, it tends to warm them up then completely dry them out. I always end up throwing out the top 5 or more wipes since they are too dry to use on my babies' bums. We tried to use it when they were newborns and hated the cold, but as soon as they got older we stopped using it to save on wipes. We even tried different brands of wipes in it, and I found even the wettest wipes (Pampers Sensitive or Kirkland from Costco) still end up drying out.

I personally don't think its worth the money, I got mine at my baby shower so I didn't end up losing any money on it. I would try and borrow one from someone or get one used to make sure that you like it, rather than buy one brand new that you may hate.


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We also have the Munchkin Standard Wipe Warmer, we got it as a baby shower gift. My husband thought it was not needed, but we soon found that it helped our baby. She would scream when the wipes were cold when we wiped her off, but when we used the wipe warmer she was much happier. When you took them out they did begin to cool a bit, but was still warm. I found that if you did not push then next wipe back down through the opening, then the wipe you pulled out at your next use would be sightly dried out. In our experience, it was well worth it.


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Try using warm water and cotton wool.


answered 08 Nov '09, 08:20

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There are also some interesting answers to the following question Do parents really need all of this stuff including some remarks for and against "Wipe warmers"


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We bought the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer and it works well. It has a very fine sponge like pad that you need to wet and place under the wipes before you plug it in. It does a nice job at keeping them moist and warm without browning them.

Here is a link to it: http://www.princelionheart.com/site/n_bc_0231.html


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our wipes warmer is completely portable, requires no power, never breaks down and best of all, didn't cost us a cent!

... before you start taking clothes off or getting a nappy/diaper ready, with clean hands crunch up a couple of wipes and keep them scrunched in one hand as you begin the changing task. By the time you're ready to wipe, you'll have warmed the wipes with your natural body heat! Maybe not quite as warm as an actual wipes warmer, but still works a treat and definitely takes the edge off!


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+1 Thats quite fun! But you would really need to make sure that hands are spotless I think:)

(09 Nov '09, 09:53) Emi

We have the Especially for Baby ** wipes warmer. I'm all about packaging. I like the **sleek look and the fact that it has a night light that can be turned on or off.

On rare occasions where our wipe warmer dried out the wipes, I just poured water on top of them and let it soak in and then "wha-la" just like normal again. They never turned brown as I expected they might, now and then, from reading reviews on wipe warmers.


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