Has anyone tried Omega 3 Chocolate milk? Does it taste like regular chocolate milk? Can you taste any difference?

asked 08 Nov '09, 05:06

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I had said I never tasted the difference, but it seems that the particular chocolate milk I tried (Horizon) did not have DHA Omega 3 added anyway. So that explains there being no difference discernible. I have tried their whole milk version with DHA Omega 3 and also didn't notice it tasting different, but this wasn't chocolate milk.


answered 09 Nov '09, 08:34

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I don't see any mention of Omega 3 in the marketing or the nutritional info for Horizon's Chocolate Milk: http://www.horizondairy.com/ingredients/pop_nutri_milk_choc.html

(09 Nov '09, 11:28) Scott ♦♦

We don't have hoizon chocolate milk here so no. However we do have 2 or 3 other brands on the market that have Omega 3. Organic and Omega are totally different things.

(09 Nov '09, 15:12) dreamerisme

Thanks Scott, it seems I got the Omega 3 variety confused with the chocolate variety. I thought they had both types of chocolate, but it seems not. They do have regular and reduced fat milk with DHA Omega 3 added. http://www.horizonorganicdha.com/#lifestage/pregnancy

(12 Nov '09, 03:12) dlamblin
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