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Why should I (not) get my son circumcised?

Personally, I disagree with circumcision - any decision that you take for someone not capable of making a choice themselves. But I have two daughters.

But I wonder where others stand on the subject? Are trends in favour of leaving boys uncut these days? Two arguments I've heard "for" circumcision are: 1) his father's cut, and we don't want our son to feel "different", and 2) it's "cleaner" so removing the foreskin will prevent future problems (my answer to that is, well then why don't we remove people's appendices, tonsils at infancy, too?)

Where do you stand on the subject? (Please one answer only, I don't want to start a debate, just wondering are you pro or against circumcision and why?)

asked 09 Nov '09, 00:50

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