What remedy helped a bad case of diaper rash the best for you?

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Kurt W Leucht
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The best treatment for diaper rash depends on what is causing the rash from my experience as a Nurse Practitioner:

  1. frequent diaper changing with as much diaper free time as possible
  2. A zinc based diaper rash cream at the start of any rash and used as a prevention cream
  3. A&D ointment or vaseline because this creates a waterproof barrier between the babies skin and the waste
  4. If this isn't resolving, an anti-fungal medication such as nystatin works great
  5. Greer's goo is a prescription cream that is wonderful!

The best thing to do for diaper rash is to prevent it from happening.


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Lotrimin is the cream that we had the best luck with. We used generic Lortimin and it worked just fine. We did try all kinds of sticky pasty products and they probably do relieve the pain, but they are real messy and we don't feel like they actually performed much, if any, actual healing. With the Lotrimin, just cake it on heavy at each diaper change and we usually saw actual healing taking place within a day or less.

Yes, it's an anti-fungal creme usually used for athletes foot.

I had trouble believing this piece of advice until we actually tried it ourselves. Our 5 year old son had a stomach virus last year and his diarrhea had given him a very bad rash on his bottom. My wife was trying the white pasty products like Desitin, but the rash stayed with him for days and days. Miserable.

Then a good friend gave my wife some advise about putting a capful of Dreft laundry detergent into his bath and letting him soak in it for a while. Apparently the ingredients in the Dreft break down bacteria or whatever and aids in the healing process. Well, I'm no biologist, so I don't know how it actually works, but I tell you it cleared up his rash overnight! It was amazing!


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Kurt W Leucht
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Tammy ♦♦


Is this what you are talking about? http://www.drugs.com/cdi/lotrimin-cream.html It says for: "Treating athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm." It also says "tell your doctor if you are if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. You will need to discuss the benefits and risks of using Lotrimin Cream while you are pregnant. Discuss any possible risks to your baby."

(09 Nov '09, 10:01) Sabrina

Wow, it is something new. I will check out the ingredients in Dreft! – Emi 18 hours ago
After reading up about Dreft I can only say that I am astounded that you would try something like that. Thankfully it worked but didn't it occur to you that perhaps you were taking a risk? – Emi

My wife's best friend told us that it worked for her son, so we didn't see the harm in trying it since we were at the ends of our ropes already. – Kurt W Leucht 58 mins ago

Thank you for the info,I must admit I have never heard of anything like this before. – Emi 46 mins ago

(09 Nov '09, 22:24) Tammy ♦♦

Kurt -I have combined the comments to this one post. For the future, answers are for distinct responses, comments are conversations about the post.

(09 Nov '09, 22:26) Tammy ♦♦

My dr. said to use Lotrimin and diaper rash ointment. Gently rub in the Lotrimin, then smear some normal diaper rash cream over it to create a "protect" barrier from more poop and moisture.

(09 Nov '09, 22:48) mkcoehoorn

If the rash is caused by thrush (fairly common) then I can see that an antifungal cream would probably help. But sometimes it's a bacterial infection, and sometimes it's simply irritated skin. In which cases I can't imagine how an antifungal would help.

(10 Nov '09, 12:38) Meg Stephenson

But how do you know what the cause is?

(10 Nov '09, 18:38) mkcoehoorn

By looking at it - "Severe nappy rash is often caused by thrush (Candida). With thrush the rash tends to be bright red and tender, with distinct edges with small red spots or pustules close to the large patches. " from http://www.babykind.co.uk/nappyrash.htm also, I would usually treat it assuming not thrush, and if it didn't start to improve, then treat for thrush.

(10 Nov '09, 21:51) Meg Stephenson

Tammy, I wanted my Lotrimin answer and my Dreft answer to be two separate answers. That way they can be voted separately and commented on separately. Please take them back to 2 separate answers.

(12 Nov '09, 20:17) Kurt W Leucht
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We used a cream called Calmoseptine. It is sold over the counter at many of our local pharmacies in the US, but we have to ask for it by name. It looks like a very thick desitin, but smells like menthol.


answered 09 Nov '09, 04:02

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Our pediatrician gave us a whole pile of samples of this when our first child was born, and it has been fantastic. Usually one application completely solves the problem.

(17 Oct '10, 17:25) Emily

I used Sudocream from the time she was born, and would apply tiny amounts inbetween diaper/nappy changes. So from experience as a preventative ointment it worked for us.

Friends whose children had quite severe nappy/diaper rash used it and agreed that it does heal quickly. Whether it heals really quickly or whether the ointment provides a great barrier for the skin whilest healing starts to take place is something I don't know for sure.

This cream works for so many other skin irritations too like insect bites, minor cuts, and grazes.


answered 09 Nov '09, 04:24

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Yes i agree that of all the creams i have tried sudocream is the best. Also good for acne and burns.

(10 Nov '09, 14:47) Phil Seller

@Phil Seller well we still keep a pot at home for emergencies, its a wonderful product!

(10 Nov '09, 16:34) Emi

When we had our daughter the hospital recommended we use Aquaphor. It has worked really well on our children.


answered 09 Nov '09, 10:08

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We've used Aquaphor as well, and it was quite effective.

(09 Nov '09, 17:43) Brandon

My daughter had diaper rash so badly when we switched her to formula that she was one big open wound on her bottom. We were living in the hospital at the time thankfully so we had the best advice and methods to treat it but it was awful, she was bleeding from it constantly. The docotrs told us that the 2 best things we could do for it are let oxygen get at it and apply zinc cream to it. Thankfully we were in hospital already so we had access to an oxygen pump and we were able to mist her with high concentrate oxygen for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Had we been at home though, they told us that we would have to let her go diaper free as often and as long as possible. The next thing was the zinc cream. Almost all diaper creams either contain petroleum that acts as a protectiv barrier or zinc cream in varying percentages to treat diaper rash that already exists. Regular store bought diaper cream usually contains anywhere from 13% to 20% zinc cream. In the case of a bad diaper rash though, your doctor can persribe a cream with as high as 40% zinc. The brands will vary but the key is the zinc. If you are using a lower concentrate and its not working, find a higher concentrate one. Also, even the most gentle wipes can be very painful to already existing diaper rash so switch to a soft wash cloth and warm water in bad rash times.


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I have two remedies.

  • Burts Bees Diaper ointment.
  • If it's to the point (as some cases can be) with sores I changed the diapers to Pampers and used Lotramin (very little, rub in) then use Aquaphor. Change the diaper every two hours, you should soon have a clear bottom again and a happy baby.

answered 09 Nov '09, 18:35

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Lisa C
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None of those creams worked for us, so we went the old fashion way and used cornstarch. It totally works because it dries out the rash. I was skeptical at first but after one night, my child's rash was gone by morning!


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For my son's extreme diaper rash, we would use the Lotrimin and Desitin as described above, but the most relief came from oatmeal baths. About 1/3 cup of ground oatmeal in a tub of water. We'd let him play in the bath for about 20 minutes, then get him out, rinse him off, pat the area dry and apply the cream to it. On the occasions that he reached open sores, this was the only time he got any relief from them.


answered 01 Jun '12, 00:08

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For severe nappy rash we've found Metanium cream was very effective. For a general healing help and as a preventative I found using a mixture of chamomile tea (make a mug with 3 tea bags and leave to stew for about 10 minutes) and olive oil on old flannels or cotton wool to wipe bottoms instead of disposable wipes to be very effective.


answered 09 Nov '09, 14:07

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Meg Stephenson
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