I'm at 35 weeks and my ankles and knees have just started swelling. Has anyone found a way to relieve this at all? It's mostly just uncomfortable and annoying, not really painful. It also seems to get worse later in the day. Under normal circumstances, I would think that putting ice on something helps with the swelling, but that's for an injury. I'm not entirely sure exactly what causes the swelling during pregnancy.

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This article about Fluid retention and bloating during pregnancy makes good points about the causes.

The suggestions below, quoted from MayoClinic website, may help as well.

To reduce swelling, use cold compresses on the affected areas. Lying down or using a footrest may relieve ankle swelling. You might even elevate your feet and legs while you sleep. It may also help to swim or simply stand in a pool.


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My doc told me the best thing you can do for yourself at that point is spend as much time as possible with your legs and feet elevated.


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When I was pregnant, the best thing that worked for me was to rest and elevate my legs

WTEWYE also recommends:

  1. mild exercise - in water even better
  2. keep up the fluids to help flush your system
  3. wear comfy, flat strapless shoes
  4. wear support stockings

... but the best relief is to get hubby to massage your feet and calves!


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Watermelons are natural diuretics.

Reference: Natural Diuretics


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diuretics with a squished bladder sound like fun...

(13 Nov '09, 03:41) Artemis

Swelling in pregnancy is typically caused by the fetus pushing on the blood vessels in the pelvis and reducing blood flow from your legs to your heart. The best ways to reverse this effect is to lie down, on your left side, and elevate your feet as far above your heart as possible. During the day, take frequent breaks to sit down, wear compression stockings that push blood flow back to your heart, light exercise and increased water intake all help. http://www.americanpregnancy.org/pregnancyhealth/pregnancyswelling.html


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