I thought it would be nice to compile a list of breakfast foods for our children that we can refer to if we need some quick ideas!

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asked 10 Nov '09, 06:42

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Great idea! I made this a community wiki.

(10 Nov '09, 11:10) Scott ♦♦

I will start us off and name a favorite in our house: Oatmeal!


answered 10 Nov '09, 06:42

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  • Scrambled eggs with lots of cheese mixed in.
  • Pancakes
  • Toast (toppings include: jams, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc.)
  • Various fruits (sliced apple, pear, plum, avocado, mango, berries -- all depends on what's in season)
  • Yogurt

Actually, the pancakes deserve extra explanation: As a Sunday-morning ritual we almost always make pancakes. We have a big squeeze bottle with a narrow opening, put the batter in that, and then squeeze it out onto the pan to make pancakes in the shape of letters, numbers, and animals. There's nothing like hearing a 2.5 year old yell, "Daddy, DON'T eat the one shaped like a squid, I want that one!" Credit where it is due: it's my wife who can make the great animal shapes.


answered 10 Nov '09, 07:58

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+1: I'm coming to your house for breakfast... ;-)

(10 Nov '09, 11:11) Scott ♦♦

You don't know the half of it. :-) Answer expanded to give more explanation about the pancakes.

(10 Nov '09, 19:03) lgritz

Growing up my mom made fruit toast almost every week day. The most popular variation consisted of toasted whole wheat bread with peanut butter and applesauce. But you can do all sorts of other stewed fruits such as cherries, blackberries, peaches, and apricots. For young children that aren't old enough to have peanut butter you could substitute cashew or almond butter but it's not going to have as much protein.

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answered 10 Nov '09, 13:56

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Kiesa ♦
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We usually have scrambled eggs and toast. Occasionally my daughter asks for strange things like spaghetti or hot dogs and if I have them I let her eat those. :) I think it's funny and why not?

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answered 14 Nov '09, 11:08

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This is a question for collecting cultural diversity of the community!

We give our children:

  • milk
  • buttered bread
  • orange juice or season fruits

answered 10 Nov '09, 09:37

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Most morning our daughter has:

  • yogurt
  • cut up fruit
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answered 10 Nov '09, 12:49

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Tammy ♦♦
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Soft boiled egg and soldiers (that's buttered toast cut into strips for dipping in the yolk of the egg)

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answered 10 Nov '09, 14:06

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Meg Stephenson
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My mom (not that she is anywhere near an expert) told me she didn't think babies/toddler's should eat eggs "undercooked." At what age did you start to feed your kids "eggs and soldiers?" (BTW-I've never heard of eggs and soldiers before- cute name.)

(14 Nov '09, 11:04) Sabrina

I'd agree that if you are at all uncertain about the possibility of salmonella in your eggs then you should definitely be careful with young kids. I think our older two didn't get soft boiled eggs til they were about 3, but the little one has had them since about 18 mths (poor kid, we're so much less cautious with him)

(14 Nov '09, 16:23) Meg Stephenson

Hmmmm I wonder if there is a good way to be less worried about salmonella...I think I'm going to ask that on recipe labs.

(19 Nov '09, 08:47) Sabrina

Kix or Life Cereal with Milk

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answered 10 Nov '09, 15:04

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I make cereal with apples or Poms. Choice of oatmeal. Some days we do scrambled eggs mixed with sauteed garlic and fresh crushed pepper with cheese, sausage links and toast. Some times my husband will make french toast or pancakes. My FAV thing is to make a ton of breakfast burritos on little soft taco shells and freeze them. Wrap them in wax paper so you can microwave them as needed.

It really depends on the day and what we have time for but they always eat breakfast.

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answered 10 Nov '09, 15:26

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Lisa C
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