My son moves his arms a lot, sometimes it looks like he's convulsing, although you can calm him by talking to him and touching his head, so it's not that.

Is it something to worry? Is it normal to move them so frantically?
He's 42 days old.

asked 10 Nov '09, 14:12

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I think that it is a sign that he is growing, and becoming more aware of his surroundings. Discovering his own limbs and the fact that he can move them up and down consciously could be making him behave like that.

I recall my daughter doing the same but with the feet kicking really hard as well. No crying just rapid movemments. After a while she started looking at her hands, mesmerised by her own fingers, but that was a bit later at 2 months. If talking to him and stroking his temple/head calms him down, then to me that means he is just feeling excited.


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I think it's normal.

My son moves his arms a lot, as well. I remember from the time he was in the hospital, if he wasn't swaddled his arms would be flailing- he didn't have any control over them and always felt like he was falling.

He still does this sometimes as he's falling asleep (the falling motion). We can never swaddle him or wrap his arms when we put him to bed, as he requires them to be free to move around. Sometimes we're sure he's awake, as his arms are moving frantically up and down, but he actually does it in his sleep!

I think we just have some active boys...


answered 10 Nov '09, 14:17

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It's normal. My 3mo daughter does that, too, when she's excited. It takes a little while for their brains to figure out how to move arms and legs in a coordinated fashion. In the meantime, all the motion is building muscle.


answered 10 Nov '09, 16:14

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