How often do you give your toddler a bath?

asked 11 Nov '09, 04:45

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In my experience you can get away with bathing more frequently in the summer months/hotter weather/more humid climates. In the winter/cold/dry its very tough on delicate skin. My daughter developed some irritated skin right after birth and her doc suggested we cut the baths back to every 3-4 days (this was during the Canadian winter). During the summer her irritation disappeared and she was bathing and swimming daily with no issues. I know a lot of people suggest baths for routine purposes at night but we took the opposite route and made bed time a non-issue in our house. It's a 5 minute process and our daughter is great with it. We never wanted a huge routine (bath, bottle, book, bed, etc) because some nights we entertain, others we take her out, etc. We wanted an adaptable kid and so we created one. Another thing is that some kids (like mine) are thrilled with bath time and it winds them right up so doing it near bedtime is counter productive for us. In terms of frequency though, you can let your childs skin be the guide. As you are always cleaning their parts during diaper changes and their hands and faces at meals they never really get too dirty so there is not a need to bath them daily.


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We started off with a bath everyday, but at one point, my son developed a bad case of eczema, and we took him to a child dermatologist. Along with giving us some special creams to use, she also recommended only giving him a bath every other day. The combination of the two has really helped the situation, so if your toddler has tendencies toward dry skin, it may be a good idea to bathe them slightly less frequently.


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I used to bath her everyday, because I personally felt that the routine would be beneficial. The quote below from Cuddle Dry website summarises my thoughts and why I washed her every day quite very well.

The bath acts as a powerful sign that the day is coming to an end and it’s time for baby’s long night sleep. It mentally prepares your little one for what’s going to happen next. Which means she’s likely to go sleep with less protest than might otherwise be the case.

I think a successful bathing washing routine for your toddler should be a relaxed time for you both, so that you both enjoy that short time together just before his/her bedtime.


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Our midwife recommended not to bath our baby at all in the first six weeks (apparently, the skin needs to adapt to being exposed to the air after being soaked in amniotic fluid for so long), then one bath per week until she was six months old.

Since then, we have been happily bathing her every two or three days until recently, when she suddenly did not like bathing any longer, so now we take her to the shower. She's still putting on a little drama, but nothing like when trying to bathe her...

I like the idea of including a daily bath into the bedtime routine, we would certainly try this, if bathing was an option at all. Since this is not the case, we will keep with our current bedtime routine (putting on her sleeping bag, singing to her for 10-15 minutes etc).


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That could be a consequence of not doing it early (the daily baths)

(11 Nov '09, 14:04) JJJ

I don't think so - until 6 or 7 weeks ago, she didn't complain at all when we were bathing her.

(11 Nov '09, 16:23) Bert

Here are some notes about baths that I stumbled on while looking for something else:

  • Before puberty, be sure your child washes the genital area with water, not soap.
  • Avoid bubble bath and other irritants. Bubble bath can cause frequent urination in children, especially girls.
  • Bubble bath can irritate the opening of the urinary tract.
  • Taking a bath in water that contains hair shampoo can also cause similar symptoms.

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My daughter loves the bath so much sometimes she asks for one in the evening, even though she had one in the morning. We need to remind her she already had a bath that day! We're happy she likes the bath but once a day is enough.


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Our toddler actually took a "bath" quite rarely, since he considered it a form of play. (Exception: if he was really disgusting for some reason, he'd get a bath before bedtime. But that didn't happen very often.)

But he did take showers with us in the morning, approximately every second day (though sometimes every day, depending on his inclination).

This was not pre-planned... we just found when he was tiny, it was more trouble to prepare a separate bath for him than to just take him with us into the shower, either holding him at first, then letting him sit and play with waterproof toys, and eventually stand on his own. While we were at it, we cleaned him off. He seriously loved it, and still does. (It helps that we have a pretty roomy shower.)


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I definitely give my toddler a bath every night! It is part of our bedtime routine and it helps to calm him down a little bit. Plus I feel like he gets pretty dirty throughout the day, especially if we go outside. Giving him a bath before I put him in clean pjs and a clean is a comforting thought that it is mostly "germ free" :)!


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Everyday... that's what our pediatrician recommended (in order to build a routine, which gives him comfort and security).

That way it becomes part of everyday life


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