He never stays at one place for more than 5 minutes and he just keeps on moving from one place in the house to another place. He picks one or other items and throws out of the balcony and we can not always close door to the balcony. When we try to hold her in our hand, he just raises her hands and strengthen body so she easily slips out of our hand. If we tighten our hand (usually we don't do this as we are afraid that we might hurt him) he tries to bend his body and get out or our hand.

Usually he never plays with a toy or anything else or if he plays that is only for 5-10 minutes and after that he will throw it.

We certainly play with hm and take him out to garden and for a walk also. And she likes it but once at home she again keep on moving and moving. And he is so young that we can not take him out all the day.

We try to play with him games like hide and seek(I hide behind the door and call out her name and then he keeps looking for me), sing some songs, rhymes, show her picture books or everything else we can do but still it is difficult to keep him interested.

Otherwise he looks completely normal as she learns things very fast. he tries to repeat whatever we speak and do. he talks alot if we compare with other kids, How can we handle this situation or is is a normal thing that happens with other kids? I don't see such thing with other kids of same age around our neighborhood.

Even he never shows interest in his food..we tried a lot of varieties... only thing if we keep him busy with any new item again it should not be easy going... or telling him very surprisings stories characters added of own family then sometimes he will open his mouth... even water, juices or solid anything in the same manner we need to do.

Please let me know is this hyperactive behaviour? Actually he is preterm baby 34 weeks born.

asked 11 Nov '09, 11:43

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thanks for ur reply..actually i read that hyperactive behaviour and then only send my question..nways thanks alot for ur time

(12 Nov '09, 06:10) jyothi

You could have a look at the answers of a question that was posted previously about How to handle hyperactive children I think there are answers that could be helpful for you.

I don't think that I can answer your question about whether your child is hyperactive or not, but I can say that in my opinion as a mother, the 'terrible two's syndrome' is something worth reading up on. Terrible twos explained


answered 11 Nov '09, 12:14

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I agree with Emi. In my experience, "terrible two's" are unfortunately often still just as bad when they're 3.

(11 Nov '09, 14:07) Dinah

Sounds pretty typical for a toddler. Even your description of the anti-lift slide and jelly legs in response to your attempt to lift your child has been the source of comedy by Ray Romano. Just make sure your home is baby-proofed and let him run around.


answered 12 Nov '09, 03:59

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