Disney has a nasty habit of making their most popular films disappear for a while. I've been looking for some of the more recent films like The Lion King and have come up short. Amazon only has used copies in its Marketplace section. Stores like Target and Best Buy are also out. I can't even get it from Netflix.

That is just a quick example as it is Disney's practice to make their films artificially rare. Is there a reputable dealer that maintains availability even when Disney makes copies disappear?

asked 23 Sep '09, 18:48

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Rob Allen
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The unfortunate truth is that you will either have to pay a probably higher price in the second hand market (ebay, amazon marketplace, craigslist, etc) or wait until Disney re-issues the movies you are looking for. Everybody knows that Disney artificially limits supply but it still seems to work. I was frustrated with this policy back in the VHS days so I made sure not to miss movies as they came along on DVD.

On the bright side, Disney has increased the frequency with which they release movies lately. They used to be only releasing one or two of the classics on DVD per year. With Blu Ray they seem to be going much faster than that.

Edit: this is the best site I have found for keeping track of Disney movie releases: http://ultimatedisney.com/


answered 23 Sep '09, 21:30

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Luke Foust
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Thanks for the "out of print" link. That at least lets me know that I shouldn't expect to see something in the store.

(25 Sep '09, 15:46) Rob Allen

If you just want to view them, you might try checking them out at your local library. If your library doesn't own a copy of the movie you want, you could see if they would request them for you via Interlibrary Loan.


answered 29 Sep '09, 13:54

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Thanks for the library tip. I'll look into that.

(29 Sep '09, 17:12) Rob Allen

I do this quite a bit with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty as these are among my daughter's favorite movies, and our budget is very tight. We can't afford to just go out and buy each movie as it comes along, so the library is our best friend for movies.

(24 Oct '09, 15:43) mkcoehoorn

Unlikely. I've had the same problem, and haven't found any consistent way around it.

Since Disney is doing this on purpose, they probably control their distribution channels tightly enough that there wouldn't be any significant quantity of the movie out there once they've decided to put it on hiatus. This means that any national or regional chains, or anyone with a significant web presence probably won't be selling any copies after Disney has said "stop". Distributors probably need to return any unsold copies by a certain date, or face the potential loss of their rights to continue selling Disney products.

Your best bet is to try and find a locally-owned store (not part of a chain) near you, and see if they have a copy on their shelves.


answered 23 Sep '09, 20:10

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