My 2-year old spends all day every day grinding her teeth. Is there any way to divert this activity into something else and/or should I be worried about her teeth?

asked 11 Nov '09, 16:06

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I agree with what Brandon says, my daughter used to do it in her sleep, she does it much less now, but if I see that she continues once she loses her milk teeth, I think I will get the dentist to explain why she shouldn't do more officially.

(11 Nov '09, 16:58) Emi

Good question, I was coming on here to get an answer to the same question- my 14 month old just started grinding incessantly- I think he likes the feeling/sound and does it for fun, but it's DRIVING ME UP THE WALL! :)

(06 Oct '10, 15:42) DazedandConfused

I think this is one of those cases where it's best to just ignore it. My son did the same thing at around that age, and at first we kept trying to get him to stop, but nothing seemed to work. Shortly after we started ignoring it, he stopped.

At that age, they're still too young for you to reason with them "please don't grind your teeth, it's bad for you." And in many cases, they're just looking for every kind of attention they can get, good or bad. So if you start making a really big deal about it, it could actually just lead them to doing it more, not less.


answered 11 Nov '09, 16:30

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Perhaps you should have a conversation with your dentist and ask for some professional advice here. I know that grinding is not a good habit to form at any age. If nerves get exposed from constant grinding it could result in a lot of pain and very costly dental repair.


answered 11 Nov '09, 19:43

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