As of a week ago, I am the mother of twin crawlers who are now racing all over my house and into everything they can get their little hands on. I mainly try to keep them both in my carpeted family room, but whenever we are eating, the boys are brought upstairs to our main floor/kitchen area which is half hardwood half ceramic flooring. I have a few different cleaners for each kind of floor and now I'm starting to worry about traces of those chemicals getting on my boys hands or toys and then them ending up in their mouths.

Can anyone recommend any cleaner for floors that is child-friendly, but is also an effective cleaner?

asked 11 Nov '09, 19:47

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Shannon B
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I have exactly the same situation (tile and hardwood) and a vinegar and hot water combo is the best and safest cleaner I have ever come across. It shines everything up and cleans like a charm. You can also invest in a steam mop if you want - it also works really well and there are no chemicals involved at all.


answered 11 Nov '09, 19:57

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We have solid timber highly polished floorboards and used to use a chemical cleaner specifically for shiny floorboards - that was before our little one came along.

Now I use a hot wet microfibre anti-static "swiffer" type mop on our floors. Works a treat and is just as good as any chemical cleaner, without the streaking and without the nasties.


answered 11 Nov '09, 22:49

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I often look for cleaners that are formulated for pets - both to clean up their messes and to be safe around them. Even then, I am careful about how I use it on surfaces the kids will have contact with.


answered 12 Nov '09, 18:59

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I use Method Cleaner to clean spills & messes on my hardwood floors. It's naturally derived and biodegradable. I use it on almost everything. From wiping down the high chair trays, cleaning the top of my oven to even cleaning my windows/mirrors with no streaks. (yes, it's amazing on grease for my stovetop)

It comes in several yummy sents, my favorites are cucumber & pink grapefruit. I buy it at Target. You can also buy it from their website, but it is a little more expensive ($4.00).

My sister uses BabyGanics and really likes it. You can buy it at Babies R Us. They have a specific line of floor cleaner.


answered 14 Nov '09, 09:24

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I use a mixture, I have both tile and laminate. Depending on how long it's been since I've cleaned I use HOT water with either bleach, Shaklee or vinegar. Be careful with the baking soda because it can leave a film on the floor. Be sure to mop really well after doing that. I use baking soda to clean everything but not floors anymore.

The ratio of bleach I have heard is about 1 tablespoon bleach per gallon of water. Don't over do the bleach or vinegar because the smells go away but sometimes come back with a vengeance later in the night.


answered 12 Nov '09, 03:54

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Lisa C
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