What do you do when your kid wakes you up because they had a bad dream?

If you think "it depends" then I'd love to see the scenarios you're thinking of and how you handle them. By not limiting the question too narrowly, I'm hoping we'll get a better range of ideas represented here.

asked 11 Nov '09, 21:10

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If any of my boys is having a bad dream (it's usually the youngest of the twins) they tend to still be asleep when they wake us up through crying out.

I typically try to wake them up properly at that point, to the extent that they understand they were just dreaming, can tell me what the dream was about, and I can do whatever it takes to prove it was just a bad dream (e.g. show them that there isn't a monster under the bed). In an ideal world I do that while keeping them somewhat sleepy...

After that, I give them a big cuddle, make sure they've got a drink of water, and tuck them up again.

Seems to work for us.


answered 11 Nov '09, 21:38

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Jon Skeet
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My brain stalled out for a second on "the youngest of the twins"

(11 Nov '09, 22:05) Dinah

@Dinah: Yes, I nearly included "by two minutes" but it made the sentence too fussy :)

(12 Nov '09, 07:38) Jon Skeet

To be honest, I try and do what Jon does, but a lot of the time she tiptoes to my side of the bed, and whispers lightly "mummy, I had a bad dream..." at this point I check my watch, if its past 03.00 I just make room for her and she hops in next to me.

If its cold, no matter what time it is I just say hop in, because she radiates so much heat, I enjoy her sleeping next to me.

My husband however, is much better behaved than me, he normally gets up and walks her back to her bedroom and tells her it was just a dream and helps her go back to sleep.


answered 12 Nov '09, 18:13

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