We have only had my child's haircut a handful of times because he literally freaks out when he has to have one. We have tried both the razor and the scissors and they both have the same effect: screaming and crying. Any suggestions on how to make this a more pleasant experience for my child?

asked 13 Nov '09, 22:39

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Melissa 1
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Possible help over here?


@Jon-Skeet found "treats" to be helpful, and others found that going to someone experienced in administering a child's haircut was helpful.

(P.S. Vote those people up if you find their answers are helpful, not me.) :)


answered 13 Nov '09, 23:14

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My son would not let me cut his hair but sit good as gold at the hairdresser's. and he knows he will gey a lollipop at the end if he sits still.


answered 14 Nov '09, 15:44

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Phil Seller
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When my son had his first haircut (14 months old) we went to Cost Cutters and she took the time to explain it to him, gave him a certificate and a sucker afterwards. Now he's 6 1/2 and I cut his hair myself and we have no problems plus I don't have to bribe him anymore. When he does get a real haircut I let him have a sucker if the place offers it.

As for my daughter. She loves getting her haircut but I will no longer do it since one time when she was a year old she kept moving so her hair kept getting shorter and shorter. If you have girls, please just take them to get their haircut, it's so much easier. Now her hair is at her waist but had I kept cutting her hair, it wouldn't be below her shoulders.


answered 14 Nov '09, 18:00

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Lisa C
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I cut my 2 year old son's hair and found that if I let him catch the pieces of falling hair it keeps him entertained and he will sit still for it.


answered 14 Nov '09, 19:46

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