My 7 months old daughter on some days wakes up a good hour earlier than usual. We are trying all the tricks we know to get her back to sleep, but on these days it just doesn't work. And then not only are we tired, but also she seems sleepy and grumpy. Did anyone have similar experiences and could offer some advice?

asked 15 Nov '09, 07:37

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How long does she sleep for and what time is she waking up?

(15 Nov '09, 07:53) Melissa 1

Usually she falls asleep around 8pm, and wakes up around 7am. On the difficult days she would wake up around 6am.

(15 Nov '09, 07:56) Gandrusz

Is your daughter a light sleeper? Do noises wake her or can she sleep through a tornado? Is it possible there is a loud vehicle driving by your house or a train horn or something that is waking her up?

(03 Feb '10, 14:27) mkcoehoorn

I would try putting her to bed earlier. I know this sounds crazy and it is possible that she will still wake up at 6 but she will probably get one more hour of sleep (7-6). I feel like the earlier we put our child to bed, the longer he sleeps . . . it is great! Right now he sleeps from 7ish-around 7:30. Try it! It might just work! Good luck!


answered 15 Nov '09, 08:01

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We found this, too. "Sleep begets sleep."

(15 Nov '09, 08:04) lgritz

Is it anything to do with when the sun rises? Have you tried blackout curtains?


answered 15 Nov '09, 09:51

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Rather not, it was completely black outside this morning :)

(15 Nov '09, 16:44) Gandrusz

With my kids, we put toys at the end of their cribs and when they got up they could play with them till they needed us.


answered 16 Nov '09, 05:07

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I use the BabyZoo Sleeptrainer to keep my kids in bed, but they are a bit older though.


answered 03 Feb '10, 13:04

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