When my daughter sees something she likes (like when I give a favorite stuffed animal to her) she gets very excited and her mouth opens up and she starts shaking her whole body (seemingly uncontrollably). It kind of scares me as it almost feels like a really minor seizure but I am not sure if this is normal or not. Any thoughts?

asked 15 Nov '09, 13:39

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(15 Nov '09, 13:59) JJJ

How old is your daughter?

(19 Nov '09, 07:55) Sabrina

We were worried about a "seizure-like" problem when our daughter was very young. We recorded a video of it happening and took it to the next doctors appointment. He appreciated us recording it. He wasn't that concerned, and said we should keep an eye on it, and they stopped shortly after.

You could try the same approach (record it and show a doctor). Unfortunately we're not medical professionals here. Our rule is, if you ask yourself if you need to talk to a doctor, you have probably answered your own question.


answered 15 Nov '09, 18:08

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+1 I like the idea of recording it.

(18 Nov '09, 12:32) Emi

Here are some answers to a similar question Moving the arms alot that could be helpful to you. I like how Scott handled their situation, and although most of our answers seem to indicate that the "shaking and convulsing" is rather normal,

I would still recommend you bring up the topic during the next doctors visit if not before just to put your mind at ease.


answered 18 Nov '09, 12:32

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I've seen this before a number of times. I was freaked out at it the first time too but it must be at least somewhat common.


answered 15 Nov '09, 20:39

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I experience the same exact thing. When i was younger i could not control my "spazzes" in public. As I grew older I learned to control them in front of people. I am currently 17. If I have to many mini seizures my face feels hot and gets red and I get a headache. Till this day I'm not sure why, I really wish someone could help me.


answered 28 Jun '11, 22:30

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@Teebone this definately sounds like something that you should bring up with your doctor. Nobody here is a medical professional.

(29 Jun '11, 14:28) Tammy ♦♦
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