I often hear that once you have kids, you can say good-bye to getting a full night's sleep until they're teenagers (but then you lay awake at night anyway worrying they're going to come home in the back of a patrol car). So I thought I'd take a poll and ask how much sleep other people get. I tend to get about 6-7 hours, myself.

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asked 16 Nov '09, 02:47

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Scottie T
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There exists children who allow their parents to sleep???

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answered 19 Nov '09, 03:53

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To be fair, having one month old twin boys who are hungry all the time and at different times might be an unusual situation ;)

(19 Nov '09, 03:54) runaros

Congrats! And it won't last forever... they'll sleep through the night eventually. Hang in there.

(19 Nov '09, 11:34) Scott ♦♦

Now our son is older (13 months). We get pretty much unbroken sleep (if we want it) between 7pm - 7am.

I think the thing that really gets us (and other parents) is it's him that decides how long any potential lie-in might be ;)

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answered 20 Nov '09, 16:06

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Depending on what time I go to bed I get anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep! My almost 2-year-old sleeps from 7-7:30. I just have a hard time going to bed on time when I know I have all this free time to do whatever I want!!!

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answered 16 Nov '09, 06:13

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Melissa 1
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Our 3.25-year-old boy falls asleep somewhere between 8 and 8:30pm. Usually we don't hear from him until between 6am and 7am (when my wife is awake anyway).

If I go to bed at a reasonable time, I get a full night's sleep. It's not quite the hours I'd prefer -- left to my natural schedule, I'd sleep 1am-9am. That's the kind of compromise you make all the time with kids: you can have a "normal" life if you change the definitions a little bit.

My kid's always been a good sleeper. I know other parents like this, too, as well as parents who, as you suggest, just never get good sleep for some reason. I guess the point is that it varies wildly depending on the exact situation and the personality and sleep habits of the kid.

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answered 16 Nov '09, 15:21

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I must be the exception. We have an 8 month year old who is currently teething. She will go to bed anytime from 7 to 9 mostly 8 PM. Get up at least once a night from anywhere from 12 AM to about 3 AM, she is up for at least 45 minutes sometimes as long as 2 hours. Then every morning, not matter how much or little sleep she gets is up at 6 AM.

I would say on average 4 to 6 hours of sleep a night. The biggest problem I have is getting to back to sleep after she does.

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answered 23 Nov '09, 13:33

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Now that our daughter is 14 months we get around 6-7 hours a night. But, really by our own doing. She goes to bed anywhere from between 7 to 8 pm and wakes up anywhere between 6 and 7:30 am.

I think we're lucky. She's been sleeping through the night (for the most part) for awhile now. Up until she was 7 months old, I'd say we each got an average about 4-5 hours but only after the first week when we made a deal, where I would pump all day so my husband could take the 11:00 pm feeding. That way I could sleep from 9:00 until the 2:00 am uninterupted.

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answered 16 Nov '09, 03:06

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Tammy ♦♦
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Most people hate me when they ask this question. Since he was 2 months old, He sleeps 12-13 hours with one or two wake ups. (he's 6 months now with maybe one wake up) So, depending on when I go to sleep (those hours fall between 9pm and 9-10 am) I can get up to 10 hours of sleep with one quick wake up to feed him. It's all about how distracted I get doing "me" things, in which case, if I get 6 hours, it's cause I deserved to be low on sleep.

I don't know how I got so lucky, but I think part of it is that for his whole life, and mostly for the first 2 months, I absolutely just went by his schedule, for feeding and sleep. Everything was on his terms, and eventually he got comfortable on a solid schedule of his own devising. It meant that I gave up a great deal, don't get me wrong, but it has been worth it. People always say "you know what is best for your child", but I think only he knows that. We just have to listen.

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answered 16 Nov '09, 04:52

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I get about 6 hours a night, but that's due to work at the start and end of the day. In other words, I wouldn't get much more sleep if we didn't have kids.

Our kids go to bed at 7 and the twins (3 1/2) are usually asleep by 7.30, while our eldest (nearly 6) reads to himself a bit later, but usually settles fine. He often comes down for a cuddle just before going to sleep.

We get occasional interruptions in the night, but nothing really significant. There are often a few cries or whatever while we're working/watching TV, but less after we go to bed.

Admittedly when we theoretically have the chance of a lie in (which isn't very often, to be fair - on Saturdays we get up at 6.30 to be at a swimming lesson for 8) they'll want to be up and around at about 7, but they're happy to go downstairs and play/watch TV for a while.

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answered 16 Nov '09, 10:01

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Jon Skeet
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It varies sometimes as much as 7 hours but sometimes as little as 2, think it depends on how many children you have, and if they are ill. My partner swears he cant hear them (yeah right) so i'm the one that see's to them at night.

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answered 16 Nov '09, 14:44

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Phil Seller
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My son is 3 mos. old and sleeps in his crib from 7-7, only getting up to eat and the odd time for gas. I get about 8 hours of sleep, sometimes more and sometimes less. It's great, I never have to nap!

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answered 16 Nov '09, 14:47

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