I often hear that once you have kids, you can say good-bye to getting a full night's sleep until they're teenagers (but then you lay awake at night anyway worrying they're going to come home in the back of a patrol car). So I thought I'd take a poll and ask how much sleep other people get. I tend to get about 6-7 hours, myself.

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asked 16 Nov '09, 02:47

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We are getting as much sleep as we'd like. Our daughter is 18 months and goes to bed at 8pm and gets up at 6pm with great regularity. We can reliably go to bed after she does if we are tired enough.

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answered 16 Nov '09, 16:47

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My daughter is 14 months old and has been sleeping 11-12 uninterupted hours a night for many months now so generally I get about 8 on average, 10 if I am in bed early. We are lucky that it does not matter when we put her to bed - the magic 12 hours still stands - 7pm-7am, 8pm-8am, 9pm-9am, 10pm-10am, she has even slept in till 11am on a few occaisions!

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answered 18 Nov '09, 05:20

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I get about 6-7 most nights. Last night it was split in half b/c she woke up in the middle of the night, but for a few weeks now she's been sleeping through. (16 month old)

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answered 18 Nov '09, 15:05

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Our daughter typically goes to sleep between 8 and 11 pm and wakes up to eat around 3-6 am. Then she goes back to sleep until 10:30 or 11 am. So, I usually get 7-10 hours of interrupted sleep.

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answered 18 Nov '09, 17:39

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On a good night it's at least 9 hours. But sometimes it's less if one of the children has some sort of difficulty.

It's the unexpected interruptions I find difficult - I can cope with being woken up two, three or four times a night, if it's always about the same times and the child will have a quick feed or cuddle and go back to sleep. But it's the having to deal with a wet bed, or bad dreams, or even, now he usually sleeps through, when the youngest needs a cuddle for a half an hour. That's what I find hard. I coped fine with them when they were babies and always waking up every two or three hours, needing a feed and then going back to sleep. That's easy when you co-sleep, you can do it without fully waking up yourself.

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answered 22 Nov '09, 17:15

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