I buy Oakley for myself but they don't make kids sunglasses.

asked 16 Nov '09, 03:38

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Dan 1
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I like Baby Banz ones for babies/young toddlers because they have a headstrap that keeps them on.


answered 16 Nov '09, 03:52

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I love the Baby Banz, but my boys scream whenever I put them on :( The quality and idea of them are great though!

(16 Nov '09, 14:15) Shannon B

I agree - I like baby banz/kids banz as well - they stay on, and they fit tight to the eye, so not a lot of light gets in. They are also really sturdy - have taken much abuse from my kids.


answered 16 Nov '09, 04:01

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We love Baby Banz too!! the strap is great for keeping them on and they come in some really funky colours and designs. They have really small sizes for babies too.

I bought a couple of pairs for our 5 month old, but right now we're having trouble with her getting used to them. Even trying to put them on her when she's out in the sun so she can see the difference with them on doesn't seem to be working. I think it's because she doesn't have much of a nose bridge and the lenses sit right up against her eyes even though they fit width-wise fine. We will persevere with them though as the harsh Aussie sun is not good for their eyes. Hopefully they will fit better as she gets older.


answered 16 Nov '09, 23:44

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