I'd like to give my daughter some framed lyrics from a father/daughter song. Looking for cool ideas on what to do, and to see if there is such a frame that will play that particular song.

asked 16 Nov '09, 03:48

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+1 For a really great gift idea. Your question has given me inspiration for gifts too. Many many thanks :)

(19 Nov '09, 16:44) Emi

I have been Lookig for you and the only way I see to do a frame with Song Lyrics on it is to make it your self. You can buy a Photo mat and print the lyrics on there your self of use a stencil of Emboss it on there all of those ways look great when done.


answered 17 Nov '09, 04:25

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What's a photo mat? Photo paper?

(18 Nov '09, 22:16) slolife

A photo mat is like a frame but it goes around the picture inside the frame. Try to Google it, it will show you pictures.

(18 Nov '09, 22:54) Mary

I don't know the age of your daughter, but my only suggestion is to find something that will grow with her and the decor of her room. This probably means something plain and simple. What is cute at age 3-5 is not so cute at age 8-10! I am currently struggling with what to do with the picture frames in my son's and daughter's rooms because it is no longer "cool" to have some of those in there. It would be nice if what you are making is something she can carry with her...even to college!


answered 17 Nov '09, 15:24

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This is exactly what I was thinking (the carry to college part)!

(18 Nov '09, 22:16) slolife

Thats a very nice thought. I have two suggestions

1.Digital Picture Frame You could scan the lyrics and also have pictures of you and your daughter too. ( Of course this depends on the age of your daughter )

2.Custom Picture Frames I heard a friend speak about these frames and it could be just right for what you need, giving emphasis to the lyrics inside. The neat clean look means its less likely to look outdated even in many years to come.


answered 19 Nov '09, 16:11

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