Similar to this question, we will be travelling by air, but with a 15 month old instead of an infant. The flight is relatively short so we're not as worried about how to entertain her, but we may have to take a cab ride in the destination city.

  • If the toddler can walk, do you bother with the stroller?
  • What do you do about the carseat in the taxi? Just bring your own and install it each time you take a cab ride?

asked 24 Sep '09, 22:56

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I think no matter the age of your children, a stroller is always worth bringing on a plane ride. You can use it to transport all your stuff (diaper bag, carry ons, etc) around the airport and the destination city and it is free to bring on the plane. The one time we traveled without a stroller because we though we didn't need it, we really regretted it.

As for the car seat, you really have no choice but to travel with one (or borrow one from somebody in the destination city). The best you can hope for is to bring one which is relatively easy to install. You probably won't be able to count on having the special child seat hooks that newer cars have when you ride in a cab so being able to hook them in with just a lap or shoulder belt would be easiest.


answered 24 Sep '09, 23:08

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I totally agree with the stroller issue, even though walking is such a thrill for the little ones at that age, they tire quickly and then if there is not stroller you have to carry them!

(25 Sep '09, 08:20) Emi

On a trip earlier this spring (when our son was around 16 months), we brought his stroller. With our bags and everything else we had to deal with, it was much easier to just have him in his stroller, instead of having to carry him or walk slowly with him through the airports.

We rented a car on the trip, so I don't have much to say on how to handle cab rides.


answered 24 Sep '09, 23:09

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Definitely bring a stroller . . . you get special treatment when you check in and go through security. This has usually guaranteed us a pass to cut to the front of the line and people are definitely more gracious to you!!


answered 25 Sep '09, 22:24

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Always bring a stroller - preferably the umbrella type that is easy to carry around. Check the laws in the city/State/country you are going to. Most places do not require carseats in taxi cabs not matter what the age - amazing but true!


answered 01 Oct '09, 04:25

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