I know he can do it, he just doesn't want to - I thinks he likes toying with us. Any ideas on how to convince him?

asked 25 Sep '09, 02:39

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FishDad 1
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Be patient - don't let him sense your frustration that he's toying with you.

Tie the potty to some other positive experience - my son loved buying 'big boy underpants' with spiderman on them at the same time that he started using the potty.

Also consider some immediate positive reinforcement - say a small piece of chocolate after, or a chance to choose what channel to set the TV on after he finishes.


answered 25 Sep '09, 03:00

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Do the potty dance, it worked on Nanny 911 (she managed to potty train an older kid in like 3 days after the parents had been dealing with ineffectually it for many months).

(28 Sep '09, 03:27) kurtseifried

Stickers, sweets etc are good as encouragement - with lots of praise as well. Another option is to read them a story while they're on the potty.

Final option: postpone. As I've just replied on another post, one of our boys just wouldn't use the potty first time we tried. We waited five or six weeks, tried again, and it was a completely different experience.

Do you have a hard deadline by which time you really need them to be properly potty trained?


answered 25 Sep '09, 07:04

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Jon Skeet
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That would explain why I don't feel quite right unless I'm reading in the bathroom... early conditioning =)

(28 Sep '09, 03:25) kurtseifried

Our youngest is in the process of being trained (he's 4 but has autism so he's just understanding the process). His therapist started the training and they did the following in small steps: get him into the bathroom and sitting on the toilet (with a kids potty seat) with his clothes on, then a couple days later, pants down. Then they flooded him with lots of liquid so he would HAVE to go. Then of course the timer, every 20 minutes or so. After a couple days, they didn't need to flood or use the timer anymore because he was asking to go potty. He rarely has accidents but still will not poop in the toilet which is our next step. We also didn't use a little potty because we would then have had to train all over again on the big toilet. There was a small issue when trying to get him to sit on the toilet as preschool without the little potty seat but that was quickly overcome. Consistent going to the washroom and reinforcements when he do go really worked well for us.


answered 13 Oct '09, 16:03

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The main problem we had with our daughter was she didn't want to stop playing long enough to go potty, and so long as she was wearing pull-ups or training pants she didn't try. So for about a week I made her run around during the day (except for nap time) naked from the waist down. When I took away the safety net, she made sure she got to the potty so that she wouldn't have an accident. Ever since we've had very few accidents during the day.


answered 25 Sep '09, 05:41

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My wife and I have been trying for two weeks now to get our daughter potty trained. We went from pull-ups to just running around naked, like mkcoehoorn said, but she still has accidents... trying to be patient, but it could just be she's not ready. How long has it taken any of you?


answered 28 Sep '09, 02:20

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We did have an accident during that week, but we had also been working on potty training for a few months by the time I took that step. She had already demonstrated that she knew what to do, she just didn't want to stop playing or watching her movie. If your daughter isn't ready, or has not shown an understanding of what you want her to do, you might need to wait a bit longer.

(29 Oct '09, 15:02) mkcoehoorn

I tried to potty train my son before he was ready and it was a nightmare pee everywhere, so i gave up. Then one day he said to me i dont want my nappy anymore, so i took it off and hey presto. we are now on week 3 and he rarly has an accident he also wouldnt wear a nappy to bed and has not wet the bed.He is nearly 2 1/2

So basically i would say its easier when they want to do it, not when you want them to do it.


answered 27 Oct '09, 11:28

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My daughter is very stubborn. We have started giving her candy for just sitting on the potty (not even going). Then she gets and extra big candy for actually going. Not that this has worked consistently for us yet! I think we're going to take a break and start again in a few weeks. She's 2 1/2.

I had a friend who gave out HUGE rewards for her little boy. If he went potty 5 times (total, not in a row) he got a Thomas the Train Engine toy. They kept the toy in the box across from the potty so he could look at it when he was on the potty. I think the next time was 10 times for the toy and so on. When he got that toy they'd put another one up there.

I suppose you just have to find the right reward that works for your son. Good luck! :)


answered 25 Sep '09, 08:07

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It takes time! He will do it when he wants. It's very stressful at times but just wait it out.

We tried rewarding with candy, toys and even a puppy...nothing worked! It just happened one day!


answered 30 Sep '09, 12:13

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