As I am starting potty training, I was wondering how long I should make my child sit on the potty. I know I want to have a success but if he doesn't go after awhile, how long can I make him sit? I don't want to put the diaper back on him and then have him pee right after that! What have you done?

asked 17 Nov '09, 23:40

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I have been leaving my children on for as long as they are happy, up to about 15-20 mins. This usually involves a toy or a book. I also run the water to help get things going. The child comes off if they become unhappy, as I figure that is not going to help the process in the long run.


answered 18 Nov '09, 00:20

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I agree with what Krista says about leaving them on for as long as they are happy. My daughter could never stay on a potty for longer than 10 minutes. This could be because the potty was in the bathroom.

I can say that once I started potty training her I would avoid putting her nappy/diaper back on, because I felt like that defeated the purpose of encouraging her to use the potty. We did have a few small accidents where she was not quick enough to reach her potty and I think that the sensation of having wet underwear was almost educational in itself.

It didn't take her too long to realised that if she needed to go to pee, then she had to stop playing, and go to the potty, if she didn't, then she ended up having wet underwear. I would be very careful about not seeming at all judgemental when she would show me her wet underwear.

I can't say whether its the same for boys as it is girls but using underwear helped our potty training tremendously.


answered 18 Nov '09, 11:35

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