My son, Emmett, is 18 months old and I want to get him a toy for Christmas that is space-related. I found a cool little NASA toy set from the Discovery store but it is rated 3+ years. It has some smaller parts that I could remove for now until he gets older.

I was just hoping that someone here had some recommendations.


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Tammy ♦♦

How about some glow in the dark stars for his ceiling? You can buy bulk packs at Toys-R-Us which attach with putty. If you are really savvy you could arrange them properly and explain the constellations.


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+1 for the stars as that's the first thing that came into my mind after reading the question. When I was a child my mother used some sort of "glow in the dark" paint. I think it was called Artex or something (this was 30+ years ago). She literally drew a scene on the walls and ceiling and it could only be seen after you turned the lights out. It was very cool! (Hey I STILL remember it 30+ years later so it clearly made an impression!)

(21 Dec '09, 17:45) KPW

Just out of curiosity I went and searched to see if I could find it... this looks pretty close (they only had ONE color back in my day)...

(21 Dec '09, 17:47) KPW

How about a planetarium (that you operate from a shelf until he is older)

Here is an expensive one, but I am sure you could shop more for a less expensive option.


answered 18 Nov '09, 06:55

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+1 Getting gifts that children can grow into.

(18 Nov '09, 07:11) Emi

I agree with what MrChrister suggests, and can say I have always been keen on the idea of buying gifts that children can grow into. I personally have a slight bias towards some of the "age recommendations" made on some toys paticularly for 2 year olds and upwards.

You could also think about looking at telescopes.

We purchased a telescope from Hamleys during a trip to London a couple of years back when our daughter was just over 2 years old. My parents thought we were crazy, but we liked the idea and we stuck to our guns. She's 5 now and uses the Telescope frequently, as it stands next to the window in her bedroom. Of course the gift was advanced for her but we introduced it slowly explaining to her what it was for and how it was used. (This was also a great activity for "time with dad").


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My 2 yr old has asked for a telescope, i thought he was a bit young but reading this has made me realize otherwise.

(18 Nov '09, 10:24) Phil Seller

I like to do Christmas shopping at ThinkGeek. They have a lot of interesting and unusual items.


answered 18 Nov '09, 16:19

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+1 Nice site recommendation!

(18 Nov '09, 17:52) Emi

If I am ever in doubt of what to get my husband, that is where I shop.

(18 Nov '09, 18:10) mkcoehoorn

@mkcoehoorn exactly what I was thinking, buying presents for my otherhalf gets more difficult each year !

(18 Nov '09, 20:31) Emi

We are considering a Turtle planetarium nightlight for our "middlest" who is also 18 months.

We did a similar thing to Emi with our eldest and a telescope. The quality Daddy time (even later on at night when she is tired and not listening so well!) is priceless.




answered 18 Nov '09, 07:38

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Daddy Magoo
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Our 6 month olds (and our cat) love the Twilight Turtle.

(18 Nov '09, 15:55) ceejayoz

We have the ladybug. I think it is a fine item for the price. Well made and I recommend it.

(18 Nov '09, 17:25) MrChrister

We have that turtle light and he loves it! Great suggestion :-)

(23 Nov '09, 15:07) Travis

I'd second the recommendation for glow-in-the-dark stars.

My son has a (very large) Buzz Aldrin light in the shape of the moon, but as it's a pendant light which we don't have fittings for, it's currently stuck under the table at which I'm working, waiting for someone less clumsy to fit it. I don't know whether that's available in the US though.


answered 18 Nov '09, 07:48

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Jon Skeet
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There's a space train set on Kids Woot today, that may be a neat idea!


answered 18 Nov '09, 15:04

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Does the gift have to be a thing? How about: take him to a planetarium.


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I definitely will when he's older. At his current age he doesn't really have the attention-span to really appreciate it.

(23 Nov '09, 15:12) Travis
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