I have a 20 month old and I have heard people say that their child was potty trained by two . . . should I push it yet?

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I would leave a potty around and see if your child is interested and wants to try. Our kids all sat on potties for ages "for fun" (sometimes still in clothes) just to become familiar with the concept. When they want to try it "for real", give appropriate encouragement. We followed Gina Ford's "Potty Training in One Week" (although we haven't "done" Gina Ford for other things).

I think we trained our eldest just before his second birthday, but his younger twin brothers only learned at around their third birthday - we needed to get them trained before they started at nursery, basically.

One piece of advice: if you try and it doesn't work, defer without feeling any guilt. One of our twins took to a potty straight away, but we had nothing but frustration with the other, first time. After a couple of weeks of accidents everywhere we gave in and waited for half a term... at which point he learned with virtually no accidents. I wish we'd given up sooner the first time!


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  1. Is your child showing an interest in the potty?
  2. Does your child dislike having a wet/dirty diaper or let you know when he needs a change?
  3. Can your child get to the potty by himself?

My daughter was almost two before we started potty training her. That was partially because she was a very late walker and we were about to move (major changes can set potty training back), but also because she did not let us know when she needed her diaper changed. The only reason I began to push the issue is I was pregnant with our son and did not want to have two kids in diapers at the same time. I wanted our daughter to be able to pretty much handle that on her own before the baby was born - and she was.


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Seriously, put them on a potty as soon as they can sit up. We tried Elimination Communication or ec with our first child (son, now 3.5yrs) and it did work, but it's hard to keep up. But what it did do was make him very aware of what was going on and when he needed to go. He basically potty trained himself. Our 15 month old didn't get the EC treatment but we regularly put her on the potty around the time she would normally poo. now she says "potty" when she needs to go, doesn't often make it in time, but she is only 15 months old.

So, as soon as they can sit I say.


answered 28 Sep '09, 13:50

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Kids need several developmental milestones to achieve potty training: they need to be able to FEEL that it's time to go, they need to executive function to stop what else they're doing to head to the toilet, they need to be able to HOLD IT long enough to get to the toilet, they need the physical and mental skills to know what to do when they get there. Every kid gets each of these skills in different orders and at different times, and there's a wide range of normal. Some kids have it down a 2 years or earlier, some take well over 3 years. If they're not getting it, don't take it out on them -- if they can't feel it, they can't feel it, you can't force neurological development on them.

Be encouraging, but not pressuring. Provide opportunity. I'd say that by 2 years, you should be aiming to sit on the potty for a few minutes a day. If nothing happens, so be it. If something happens, heap on the encouragement. The time between "first pee on potty" and mastery can be many months.

Also note that there are many good books (for kids -- that you read with them) that make toilet activities interesting and talk about how it's a part of being a big boy/girl. I can't remember the titles of the ones we liked, but just look at the book store and you'll find some.


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Igritz another good answer but there are a lot of statements of fact in your answer that are not backed up. Remember http://moms4mom.com/back-it-up

(24 Oct '09, 11:30) Tammy ♦♦
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