Does anyone know of any tips and/or tricks on how to alleviate Braxton Hicks contractions? I am having terrible BH's this pregnancy which are painful and I am looking for some soothing ideas to make it easier to cope.

Just for the record, I have been into the hospital to be assessed and though they cannot explain why they are getting more painful, the docs say its not preterm labour and the contractions are not affecting my cervix so they are not anything to worry about. The baby is moving well and otherwise all is well.

Its just the uncomfort/pain/massive tightenning that is proving to be a challenge.

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I was always told to practice my labour coping exercises. Consciously breathing out and relaxing really seemed to help.


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Try drinking more water, walking, and showering.


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When mine got bad, I would massage my stomach to try to relax the muscles. Even if it did not actually do anything, it at least gave the feeling that I was doing something, rather than feeling like I just had to suffer through it. The worst mine ever got was when I was dehydrated. I got to the maternity ward at the hospital and, after checking me out, they told me to drink lots of fluids, preferably water.


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I had terribly painfull Braxton Hicks with my daughter, the only thing that really seemed to help was walking around singing. Singing anything, even something as simple as Mary had a Little Lamb or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star makes you concentrate on your breathing and moving seems to help to relax the muscles.
They were at their worst when we drove anywhere in the car, (enforced motionless, eech) more than once I made my partner pull over so I could wander around some parking lot singing. Everybody else in the car (especially my teenagers) would just pretend they had nothing at all to do with the crazy pregnant lady!


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