Our son is just over a month old, but he's so big that he has nearly grown out of all the 0-3 month clothing given to us at our baby shower. My wife is concerned that the eleven (total; eight onesies and three full-body sleepers) three-to-six-month-old outfits are not enough clothes for him.

Given that we live in a desert, so it does not get bone-chillingly cold (overnight lows in the 40's Fahrenheit, daytime highs in the 60s at the worst), how many outfits, and of what types, should he actually have? I must admit, I'd prefer not to have the associates at Babies R Us ring their mental cash registers whenever we walk through the door.

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You can never have enough onesies. They are cheap, and serve several purposes, such as protecting other clothes from diaper leaks (of which there will be many indeed), protecting other people from diaper leaks, adding an extra layer of clothing for maintaining body temperature, and to help keep the diaper in position (notice that regular baby clothes often don't hold the diaper on, and this can result in more accidents).

Beyond that - it depends on you and your wife's own tastes and washing schedule. I know families that only have 5-8 outfits for their baby, do the washing more than once a week, and are perfectly happy, and others that really go all out and have dozens of outfits, do the washing maybe once a week, and both are happy.

We have lots of family and friends, and we all share outfits, so at any given time we have 20-30 outfits of the correct size, without having to buy anything new.

However, my wife also does frequent the local second hand shops. Babies often outgrow clothes long before they are dirty or torn, and there are outfits available for a few dollars each which are not only flawless, but are often last year's name brands that cost $30+ dollars. I know some people are antsy about using used clothing, and that's fine, but if your wallet is hurting you might consider checking them out.

I just consulted with my wife. She says "At least two complete outfits per day." So if you have a laundry schedule already then that may serve as a useful rule of thumb for the minimum.


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Nice informative answer!

(20 Nov '09, 06:04) Emi

I thought a dozen outfits was too many for a baby, but once you kid hits his stride with diaper blow outs you will see that just a dozen isn't enough. My daughter has more shirts / pants / onesies that I have but a factor of three or four.

We only do laundry on the weekends, so we can come close to running out of clothes by Friday.


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Our daughter was born in August when it was very hot, and we found that she needed to be in footed sleepers most of the time otherwise she got too cold. If it were me, I would buy more sleepers. Also, as babies age, their growth rate tends to taper off, so he may be in 3-6 month size for a while longer than he was in 0-3.


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Also some helpful tips about sizing can be found in this questions When does growing plateau

I think the number of outfits needed probably increase as they become more mobile. (once they start crawling, they can get dirty much quicker)

The number of "Onesies" and "Full body sleepers" you currently have should be sufficient. Perhaps the next batch of clothing that you buy should be directly 9-12 if he has already grown into the 3-6 month outfits.

Note: If your baby looks like he is on the taller side, then I would go for a bigger size of "Onesie" because its really frustrating when it fits on the body but is short in length.


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I just finished unpacking our first baby's 0-3 month clothes in preparation for the birth of our second - thankfully they are both girls. I discovered that we have 39 footed sleepers, 16 onsies and about 8-10 outfits for this age group. This might sound a bit excessive but our first threw up after every feed as she had medical problems so she was going through about 8 sleepers in 24 hours. Fortunately we have had only a handful of diaper blowouts in her lifetime so far but I guess it evens out.

So much of it depends on your childs individual patterns/needs.


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