I would like recommendations on which books to read before conceiving. Basically I am looking for books that can help us get our overall health better (both the dad and mom).

So, Which books did all of you read?

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Just to clarify, what do you mean by "in shape"? Are you talking about physical fitness to improve your overall health or your chances for conception or something entirely different?

(20 Nov '09, 00:51) Kiesa ♦

I means overall health. Will update the question.

(20 Nov '09, 03:12) Manoj

Before I became pregnant I worked really hard on getting down to a healthy weight. One of my favorite books on this subject is the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight for Everybody. It's the most straight-forward, fad-free book I've read on how to reach a healthy weight.

I also researched nutritional needs for pregnant women. My two favorite books in this category are The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating During Pregnancy and Better Food for Pregnancy. Of course, knowing what you should eat and being able to keep it down and two very separate things ;)


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+1 Great advice!

(20 Nov '09, 07:30) Emi

Read before conceiving? Maybe the Kama Sutra :)


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+1 Laughing out loudly... :) but in a nice way though...

(20 Nov '09, 13:39) Emi

I have been told by friends that this book Expect the best is particularly good!

I never had time to read books on improving my health because it all happened very quickly!

In my opinion reading books on spirituality and psychology Deepak Chopra, and also religion can also be beneficial in preparing your mental health too when thinking about becoming a parent.

Good luck!


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I think Having Faith by Sandra Steingraber is an inspiring and fascinating book. It's not about getting in shape as such, but she is an environmental Biologist and is really good on environmental aspects which affect babies' development. It may help you to look at your diet and environment in terms of any pollutants which may be damaging to an embryo. It's also a really good read.


answered 21 Nov '09, 10:17

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