If I want to ask a question about how posts should be structured or how the site actually works, how should I do it?

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asked 20 Nov '09, 18:11

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Meg Stephenson
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Hello Meg. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you about this. We really want to keep moms4mom itself focused on parenting questions and answers and avoid too many questions "about the site", which is what Scottie T was referring to as "meta". Currently we have 2 options, depending on the specific type of information you're after:

  1. If you want to ask a question about how to use the site, please do as you've done here and just ask it, and then tag it with the faq tag.

  2. If you have a question or a suggestion about the site and content in general, please visit our "meta-discussion" site meta.moms4mom.com. You'll find that it operates similarly, but not exactly, the same as this one. Pretty much anything related to moms4mom can go there.

Of course, you're also welcome to contact us directly:

  • tammy {at} moms4mom.com
  • scott {at} moms4mom.com

Those are our real email addresses, and we do check them regularly.

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answered 21 Nov '09, 04:42

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Scott ♦♦
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edited 03 May '10, 00:40

I would rather use "meta" than "faq", as faq is used on other questions too, not just site-related stuff...

(09 Feb '10, 12:45) brandstaetter

@brandstaetter: "meta" is a little too programming-centric, I think. We want this site to be accessibly by non-programmers, and my non-programmer expert (Tammy) said that 'faq' tag is generally understood by everyone to be questions about the site. It also follows the example set on StackOverflow.

(09 Feb '10, 14:12) Scott ♦♦

Perhaps we need a sub-site called meta.moms4moms.com? This is actually kinda funny. Jeff Atwood, creator of StackOverflow and author of the software this site runs on, absolutely hates questions on StackOverflow about StackOverflow. He hated them so much, but people kept asking them, that he created a sub-site called meta.stackoverflow.com. Now that I see it happening in other places, I think Jeff misunderstood something about communities of people. It seems that there's a need for the community to define itself and how it will behave, and it doesn't appear that is possible to do only through the comments on other people's posts.

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answered 20 Nov '09, 19:28

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Scottie T
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In Atwood's case, it's not so much a misunderstanding as a miscalculation as to how much the community could self-regulate. He's running right of of Clay Shirky's playlist and meta discussion is a known quantity in Shirky's discussions.

(20 Nov '09, 19:44) Rob Allen

I would be ok with meta.moms4mom.com, but then we'd be setting ourselves up to pay twice the monthly fee once we're out of beta, and it's rather expensive as hosted services go. I also think that "discussion" type stuff should still be on discussion boards, not on StackExchange type sites.

(06 Dec '09, 05:18) Scott ♦♦

What if we use a tag "meta"? faq is used on other things too, not just on site-related stuff...

(09 Feb '10, 12:45) brandstaetter

@Scottie as you are aware we now have a meta site meta.moms4mom.com

(03 May '10, 13:45) Tammy ♦♦
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