My baby tends to take 20-30 minute naps throughout the day. Lately, these pseudo-naps have been taking their toll on him and causing him to get overtired and fussy pretty early on in the evening. How do I get him to take a substantial nap / get into a deep sleep during the day?

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How old is your son?

(22 Nov '09, 00:32) Scott ♦♦

He is 3 months old.

(22 Nov '09, 10:59) DazedandConfused

A few thoughts:

How and where is your baby falling asleep for these naps? Is it possible that he is partially waking up and being startled to find he is in a different place from where he fell asleep and therefore waking up fully rather than just dozing off again?

Is he definitely comfortable when he goes to sleep? Does he have a fresh nappy (diaper) on? Is he warm enough?

If he might be waking because of noises elsewhere, you could get a CD of sleepy music (our children enjoy Chopin Nocturnes, but there are many baby sleep CDs available) if you prefer that to white noise.

According to Elizabeth Pantley by 3 months he is likely to down to around 3 naps with a total nap time of about 5 - 6 hours. Perhaps it would be helpful to think about when he should be taking these naps and try not to let him fall asleep inbetween those times, so he is properly tired at the nap times.


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I found that a full tummy, and white noise (usually a fan, since studies suggest it lowers the risk of SIDs) allows my children to sleep much longer - noise doesn't wake them as easily with a steady sound in the room.

When they get old enough, I feed them solids - they last longer in the digestive system, and he sleeps longer.

However, he does go through phases, and sometimes he just doesn't sleep long enough to be happy. I try to spend time with him doing quiet activities, and see if I can get him to go back to sleep.

Watch out for teething and ear infections. Our kids would have some sleeplessness while teething, and occasionally even an ear infection that didn't present a fever or any other obvious symptoms at first.


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