What is a good age to start letting my child sleep over at Grandma's house? He is currently 6 months old, and my mother in law has already succeeded in getting him to sleep for the night, and is very good with him. Also, her parenting philosophy and mine are very similar, so there are very few "overbearing/opinionated" mother-in-law incidents. My son sleeps through the night and travels well.

I'd love to give her the opportunity to have that quality time with him, and I'd love for him to deepen his bond with her as well, but I'm not sure if that's too much too fast at 6 months.

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Its really a great bonus that you have a similar parenting philosophy with your mother-in-law. So yes it seems like a great time to commence with sleepovers in your case.

We found that my mother-in-law prefered having our daughter to sleep at her house because she felt more comfortable looking after her in her own enviroment, than if we asked her to stay over with us.

We made sure that she had all the bits that should would need while taking care of our little one. Particulary a couple of favourite familiar toys.


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It sounds like all parties are ready to try now.

How far away does she live? The only thing that concerns me is that if your son does wake up upset, he might only calm down with his Mum or Dad.

We're about to try the same with our son, he's 13 months, but don't let his age put you off, both grandparents just weren't confident enough until now (he would of been fine!).


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She lives within 20 minutes drive of us, but I was thinking of a trial run while she is at our house, and we are in a hotel or something. But maybe it would be a better idea to sleep all of us at her house? He's woken up to her before while babysitting, and went back down fine.

(23 Nov '09, 21:38) DarwinsMom

My kids started sleeping over at their grandparents when they were a year old, but they had spent one day a week there for a few months, plus several overnight visits with parents in tow before we got to that point.


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I know people who started at 3 months and others who waited until the kids were fully able to talk. It really depends on your child, their individual needs and their personality. I would recommend you all staying over night for a test run but if the child wakes then have grandma go in to sooth. Pretend you are not there but you are on hand in case of disaster. All you can do is try as there is no set time/age.


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I think the first time our son stayed at Grandma's house he was about 9-10 months old. He had to stay with her so we could fly cross country to find our home in Phoenix. I was more nervous than him. It was fine and he had a great time since he was the baby in the family at the time. Now when we go back east, the kids stay with Grandma so I can have time alone.


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Our daughter had her first sleepover at grandma and grandpa's at 3 months. They live about 10 minutes away and she spends a great deal of time with them. I agree with dreamerisme that there is no "right" age and it depends on your child and your preferences.


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as soon as you feel ready there is no point letting him sleep over if you are gonna worry yourself , Ive let my boys stay at nanny's quite a lot they are now 2 1/2 and 4 months, she just sticks to my routine and all has gone well so far. They are very familiar with her as they spend a lot of time with her it also helps that she is a nursery nurse and used to looking after 20 kids at a time, so two to her is breeze.


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My granddaughter is 3 she has been having sleep overs at my house from a few months old.. She will cry for a sleep over a nannas if its been a long week. I also watch her two days a week during the week. So we are close. This year she started wanting to sleep in my bed, not for nap just for over nights. I use to sleep with my grandma so I see no harm in it. She also gets a few extra freedoms at my house just because!! nothing drastic , maybe a dark chocolate, or an extra cartoon.



answered 10 Aug '15, 15:31

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