I'm looking for inspiration for places to take my son on rainy days.

We've braved our usual walks with waterproofs, done countless laps of our local Zoo (where we have annual membership) and bounced off the towers at soft play ..... where next?!

asked 23 Nov '09, 21:35

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Tammy ♦♦

Have you ever put him in clothes you don't mind getting messy and letting him romp around in the rain? It's not for all kids but for those who do like it, it seems tremendously liberating to get to experience the forbidden pleasures of jumping full-force into muddy puddles.

For indoor options: our town has a few free museums. The art museum tends to bore kids quickly but they love the natural history museum. I also really like mkcoehoorn's pet store idea. If you're looking for some place with a lot of walking, malls are great for this but you may want to wait until after the holiday season for a calmer more kid-friendly experience.


answered 23 Nov '09, 22:00

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We also have a children's museum that is free for children under 2 years.

(24 Nov '09, 02:06) Tammy ♦♦

And more and more malls (at least in the US) are getting small playgrounds inside them.

(24 Nov '09, 04:21) mkcoehoorn

Best general answer - but lots of great suggestions from everyone else.

(05 Dec '09, 16:10) Mungo

How about the local library? Its free and there are lots of kids books. I started taking my son when he was about 5 months old and even at this age he seemed to really enjoy it. Our library also has some toys in the kids area and offers weekly story time for young children.


answered 24 Nov '09, 02:55

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I sometimes take my kids to the pet store to look at all the little animals. If they aren't too busy we sometimes get a puppy out to play with. I then have to explain to the store attendant that as much as I'd love to take one of them home, we are not it a good situation to have a dog. And they generally understand that I (1) want to give the puppy a chance for exercise and (2) want my kids to be comfortable around dogs even though we do not have one of our own. My daughter (4 years old) gets super excited at the idea of going to the pet store and my son (1 year old) loves looking at animals of all kinds.


answered 23 Nov '09, 21:41

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My son enjoys going to our local railway station to look at the trains and watch the nearby level crossing barriers going up and down. Not only can it be done in the rain, but the station platform has a roof in places.


answered 23 Nov '09, 21:56

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Meg Stephenson
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Check your local directory to see if you have an indoor playground nearby. In the greater Toronto area we have lots. They are great because there are all kinds of things to climb on, play with and explore and there are plenty of other kids to play with too.


answered 24 Nov '09, 01:11

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We also have a couple of indoor playgrounds which are inexpensive (especially for children under 2) and my daughter loves them.

(24 Nov '09, 02:05) Tammy ♦♦

There are at least two in our area - think Chuck E Cheese for the toddler set. Admission for the adults is free, the kids are usually between $2 and $5 each. They feature tunnels and slides, padded climbing areas of varying difficulties, padded floors, and randomly placed area with wheels to spin, etc. Some are good up to 12 years old (they have different areas).

(13 Jun '10, 00:28) Rob Allen

Here are things that are relatively inexpensive!

  • Go to your local swimming pool and splash around with him!

  • Jump in a photobooth and take some pictures while making silly faces together.

Alternatively you could pick a mall with the largest and cleanest play area available to kids and take a trip.

Check online about any special activities that are being hosted by the malls and then see what appeals to you. I have seen face-painting activities, cartoon characters giving out balloons to young children.


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Our children's museum has a toddler area for the youngest ones. The aquarium is always good on a rainy day - ours has an indoor play area with lots of different activities in addition to the animals. We also have The Monkey Room - which is indoor bouncers and obstacle course. I've even let Sydney play at the park when it was pouring down - most of ours have well drained soft mats, so if it's not actually raining, it's easy enough to simply towel down the slide.

For older kids we have some crafting businesses where you can paint clay pots and stuff like that - our 15 month-old loves to play with crayons (markers more) - that's an option, but not necessarily as cheap as just getting out the play doh and craft materials at home, and Evan likes to do that stuff because he really wants to do EVERYTHING his big sister does - Sydney was never into that kind of thing so early.

I have also just taken them for rides on the streetcar or the ferry. Rainy day car rides are also good for long naps - plus it might not be raining where we go, so check the radar - we can head out for an hour in the car and be in a completely new place - good for exploring, and there's a whole different set of options in Baton Rouge or on the North Shore from what we have in New Orleans.


answered 24 Nov '09, 03:48

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