Soft lunchboxes - I'm done - everything from Crocodile Creek to LL Bean - impossible to get clean. Even if they are machine washable, it's too much to wash and dry it several times a week...

I've looked at all these so far: (that's a bookmark list)

Any recommendations?

I'll probably get two different kinds to start, since we've got two kids. Then if one kind is better, I'll consider that for extras for the dishwasher.

asked 24 Nov '09, 03:18

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Cade Roux
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We use soft lunchboxes with those bento-style boxes inside. The only things that touch the inside of the lunchbox are the bento box, the juice box, and the ice pack. To clean, we just run a Clorox wipe around the inside once a week. Works like a dream.


answered 24 Nov '09, 05:29

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What do you put in the bento boxes? if I may ask :)

(24 Nov '09, 08:06) Emi

The perennial question. I don't know if our kids are strange or normal but we cut up a cold hot dog for the entree. Then we put in a variety of other things until we hit some tummy-filling threshold: raisins, goldfish crackers, cherry tomatoes, and other small items. We've found that the kids respond best to a bunch of options in small portions. YMMV.

(24 Nov '09, 13:38) bbrown

Theoretically, that's all that should touch the inside of our lunchbox, too. The reusable tupperwares seal pretty well - so I' know it's not leakage. In practice, it's peanut butter, banana, apple, hummus, milk, etc.

(24 Nov '09, 15:03) Cade Roux
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