I have seen a lot of contradictory information out there about the use of crib bumpers. Some sites/books say to NOT use them when your child is a newborn and then you CAN use them once they reach a certain age. Other places say not to use them AT ALL.

Now that my LO is 6 months old and rolling around a lot, I am a little concerned about him whacking his head or other body part on the side of the crib. Is it okay to use them now?

But my general question is: Is there definitive information on the use of crib bumpers and if so, what is it?

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In addition to SIDS, another risk with the bumpers is the ability a child might have to use them as a ladder. Young babies and children have been known to step on the bumper to try to get out of the crib.

Like many child raising questions I do not think there is a definitive answer out there on crib bumpers. The answer will change depending on who you are asking. I know people that have added in the bumpers after the child was able to lift her head and roll around. Those children are alive and well. We personally never used bumpers, I never wanted to take the risk. Charlie did hit his head a few times while he was learning to sit up and stand but he too is alive and well.

Go with your gut on this one.


answered 25 Sep '09, 17:15

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As I understand it, the main concern with using bumpers with newborns is an increased risk of SIDS. If they have their face pressed up against the bumper, it is possible that their airflow can be somewhat restricted, and even a small restriction in airflow can lead to an increased rate of SIDS.

When they are newborns, they are likely unable to get themselves out of that position. Since your child has started rolling around, I would think that they should be fine with the bumpers. That being said, we never used bumpers with my (now 2 year old) son, who is quite active, and he never bumped himself badly against the sides. The only problem was what Kevin described, where he got his leg stuck a few times.


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I recently just put bumpers on the cribs of my 8 month olds, and I dropped the bottom of the crib so the mattress is now at the lowest position so with the bumpers on, there's no way they can use them as leverage to stand on.

I waited a long time to put them on, but as they began rolling around, they both kept sticking their arms and legs out between the bars and they were also banging their heads against the sides.


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Jolly Jumper makes a breathable mesh Bumper pad, which we used when our daugther was the same age as your LO as she was getting her little legs caught in the bars. We took them off when she was able to sit up on her own.


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My son rolls around a lot while he sleeps. He was bumping his head on the side of the crib and waking himself up so we decided that bumpers would help us all sleep better. At 6 months + (as has been said in other answers) I think the next biggest concern is using them as a prop to step on and fall out of the crib. So that might be something to keep in mind. Oh and just because you have the bumper doesn't mean he still might not whack his head...he's a boy. :) My son is the king of hurting himself. He is so wiggily that even with the bumper he has managed to get his leg stuck between the slats.


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We use them. We found out, much to our dismay when we took them off, that our oldest child had no problems getting his leg outside of the crib without the bumpers on. He got it stuck once during and was less than pleased. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt, just frustrated, but the crib bumpers prevented that in the future.


answered 25 Sep '09, 15:04

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