I have heard and read that milk teeth start falling out at 6 years of age, but I am curious to learn about how long it takes for the permanent teeth to come through once the shedding of milk teeth has started.

Also I am wondering how long it roughly takes for the milk tooth to fall out, once the tooth starts to feels a little loose and wobbly.

We don't have a visit to the dentist scheduled in the next couple of months so any information would be greatly appreciated.

asked 25 Nov '09, 22:01

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Funny you should ask: our eldest son (6 next week) has just lost his second milk tooth. His first adult tooth started coming through almost immediately after the milk tooth fell out.

The first tooth went from wobbly to out very quickly - a day or so. The second one was wobbling for at least a fortnight before it came out, so clearly it varies a lot.

EDIT: My wife says that the fortnight is only from when he started saying it was wobbling. It might have been wishful thinking.

Cute anecdote: he put an envelope containing the tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy. When I went to swap tooth for coin, I found there was a note: "Please can I keep this envelope." He's adorable.

EDIT: Further notes from Holly: everyone in our antenatal class network seems to have come to the conclusion that children who grow their milk teeth early lose them early too, as if they have a certain shelf life. (Gum life?)


answered 25 Nov '09, 22:11

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Thats pretty quick, wow I somehow thought it would be longer. Thats also actually quite interesting about the difference in timing for milk teeth falling out. Thanks!!

(25 Nov '09, 22:16) Emi

My daughter (7) has not lost any milk teeth, but two adult teeth are already well through the gums behind them! So, to answer the first question: negative one week!

The dentist said not to worry just yet, as the milk teeth are loose and should come out soon.

For the second question: I think the milk teeth have been wobbly for about 3 weeks at this stage.


answered 26 Nov '09, 01:22

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Our eldest started losing her milk teeth last year, when she was nearly seven, but some of her class mates had been losing them since they were four. They seem to take about a couple of weeks to come out from first wobbling, but it does vary, some seem to be wobbly for weeks and weeks, and others come out a matter of days after she first mentions it. It's not uncommon to see the adult tooth peeping through the gum immediately after the milk tooth comes out, although my niece once spent about two months with no top front teeth (although I believe her grandfather had "helped" those teeth out using the old thread and door handle trick, because he got fed up with her complaining about them).


answered 26 Nov '09, 13:45

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