What are some fun things to do with a 6-9 month old? I am home alone with my 6-month old twice a week and I feel like I'm running out of things to do with him. There are only so many times I can sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," ya know? Here is what I'm looking for:

  1. What interactive games are fun? (Besides the classic, Peek-A-Boo)

  2. What toys have you found the most useful? (Carter really likes the Leap Frog caterpillar and Tad).)

  3. What are some ideas for solo play (if mommy needs times to clean the kitchen or put the laundry away)?

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Interactive games: Our kids loved to be rolled around on the bed. My husband made up this song for our daughter "We take this girl and we roll her over, and we roll her over and we roll her over and we STOP." Then he would roll her over the other way and sing it again. (Sorry I can't really sing it to you!) She would laugh a lot with this.

Solo Play: Our friend let us borrow their stationary exersaucer and it was great for times when I needed my son to be entertained but safe (especially from his older sister). It was excellent in times where I was distracted (dinner, shower, etc.). I love that it has a snack tray attached to the toy.

I would be a little weary of walkers. My doctor specifically mentioned they were dangerous, I found a government website that concurs.

Our friend also let us borrow this musical table and it kept his attention for long periods of time as well. I noticed some have a height adjustment or the top can be separated from the legs until they can stand/ pull up.

Useful toys: Here are a few of my kid's favorite toys at 6-9mo that they still play with: classic push/pop-up toy, Fisher Price Piggy Bank, Fisher Price Little People Airplane

But my number one "fun thing" that is enjoyable for you and your baby is a stroller ride! :)


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Chiming in to agree on the musical table. There are two at my 8 mo-old son's daycare, and he plays with them so much we got him one at home too. Great for practicing standing up too.

(15 Nov '09, 01:25) BetsyB
  • 1 for stroller ride. It's our favorite, too
(30 Nov '09, 07:06) DarwinsMom

My little guy likes having a bowl and wooden spoon to play with (it's a classic for a reason). He also likes balls, his teddy bear and board books.


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Simplicity isn't always a bad thing.

(28 Sep '09, 07:11) kurtseifried

Our 7 month old son loves:

1 Sitting in his infant seat gumming a rattle

2 Patty-Cake

3 Laying on his tummy with a toy just out of reach

4 Reading books and gumming them once we're done reading

5 Talking to Mommy about anything

6 Rolling and being told "good job" about it

7 Sitting in the corner of the playpen with toys strewn around

8 Really any opportunity to handle and gum something new

He's an easy guy and we're kind of low tech...


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+1 for low tech :)

(30 Nov '09, 07:08) DarwinsMom

Here are the toys our little one loved playing with;

Stacking toys

Wooden puzzles & letters these were looked at carefully, banged against each other, tasted occassionaly and sometimes thrown around then collected, and placed in the famous toiletry bags.

Soft toiletry bags with velcro fastenings that she loved opening and closing. This was a joy to watch as she opened and closed the bags. Then we added some of her own small toys that were then put inside of the toiletry bag and then taken out.

Pillows/Cushions thrown randomly on the floor to make a kind of assult course. Inbetween crawling and being able to stand up while holding on to something our daughter loved crawling around them, over them, under them and with them.

For solo games: If you have a playpen then "stacking toys" and "soft toiletry bags" are really suitable for solo play.

For interactive games: We played with the cushions/pillows together and had fun. This is great prior to them taking a nap, it consumes alot of energy. We listened to a jazz song called " Saint Louis Women" by Peter Cincotti. This made her smile as she seemed to recognise the tune, I would sing the words and we would share the motion of dancing while she sat on my lap.


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some of the soft stackers from the first link look like fun. I bet our dog would get a kick out of it too. Bad doggy.

(25 Sep '09, 17:43) Rob Allen

walmart has these balls that roll around and help make the babies learn to crawl. They sing songs or make animal noises. I'm not sure what they are called but I think they are V-tech. All 3 of my kids have loved it!


answered 06 Oct '09, 02:32

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Our daughter spent alot of time in her Jolly Jumper around that age and absolutely loved it. We used it until she could crawl and get around on her own.


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My twins boys love their walkers! They will race around the main floor of my house for over an hour which usually gives me enough time to get dinner ready or fold laundry!


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I've got a book, Baby Talk by Dr. Sally Ward, which is about developing your baby's language skills. It has suggestions for each age range of games and activities which will be helpful. She also advocates spending at least half an hour a day having focused one-to-one time with you child, with no distractions or background noise. Some activities she suggests for 6-9 months include:

  • repetitive language and games like clap hands and peekaboo (always using the same language so he learns to predict the pattern),
  • repetitive rhymes and chants like incy wincy spider or ride a cock horse (I don't know whether these are known outside UK, but I'm sure you have similar baby rhymes),
  • jiggling on the knee with rhymes and repetitive noises,
  • copying his movements and actions as part of a game, and giving him a chance to copy you
  • as he gets older you can vary your rhymes a bit like pausing before saying boo
  • eventually he'll be initiating the games by beginning the actions

  • Make his sounds back to him

  • say for him what he means, like "Want up?, You want to come up? Up you come"

  • Make play sounds to go with what is happening, e.g. gugugug as the water goes down the plug hole.

The toys she suggests for this age range include:

  • paper (for crumpling and hiding behind (from my personal note keep an eye on him, as he may eat quite a bit of it if you're not careful))
  • baby mirror
  • pop-up toys
  • blocks and boxes
  • simple noise making toys, saucepan lids and spoons, plastic bottles filled with dried beans or rice

She advises you to avoid tv or videos at this stage they will hinder language development

As far solo time goes, she's not so helpful on that. But those toys might keep him busy for a while when you need to do a few jobs (and there's always nap time).


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