I am one week away from putting my daughter into daycare and just wondered if anyone had any tips on how to make the transition smoother for her. Is there anything I can send with her to make her more comfortable? Any other tricks/tips?

asked 26 Nov '09, 14:11

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We made the transition by introducing her slowly to the daycare. We started about a month ahead of time. First I went with her to visit and play at the daycare for a couple of hours. We did that on two separate occasions. Then I dropped her off for 3 half days without me. Finally we did a couple of practice days while I was at home (usually running errands with my cell phone) where I could be quickly available if needed.

By the time daycare started full time the place was familiar, she knew the other children, liked the daycare worker (it's a home run daycare) and it was no problem dropping her off. It has not been several months and she has never once cried when we drop her off, which is amazing considering that she generally has a lot of stranger anxiety.

As for things to bring. She has her own cup that she's used to using and we brought her special blanket that she wouldn't sleep without. Since then she has her own special blanket at daycare and another one at home.


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We did the gradual introduction over the course of a week. She was there with somebody for three days, then with somebody for two half days, then on her own. My daughter made a smooth and seamless transition.

The only (very mild) trick was that to be with her all day, we had to fill out paperwork and get a background check as a volunteer. It makes perfect sense, but it is something to plan for.


answered 26 Nov '09, 17:49

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The gradual introducing work great Just please know that you child will pick up on your nervousness and feed off of that.

I have been in daycare for 7 years and I have seen all types of introduction to the center from the drop and run and let the kids scream for a while, to the visit a couple of times then leave. My thing I want you to know is please do what you feel is right for your kid. Also and I have seen how much this hurts if a parent does this to their kids PLEASE don't sneak out with out saying goodbye. The goodbye is good for the kid and you can tell them at the same time I will be back that way Mommy and Daddy dont just disappear. Which will scare them on top of being in a strange place.


answered 26 Nov '09, 18:56

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+1 for not sneaking out

(26 Nov '09, 19:41) Tammy ♦♦

+1 ditto (Tammys' comment) we also never sneaked out, always waved goodbye.

(26 Nov '09, 20:15) Emi
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