Has anyone run across good parenting-related books available in audio book format? A previous thread lists several books that look like they would be good. However, I have a lot more time available to listen to books rather than sit down and read them.

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asked 26 Nov '09, 18:46

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My absolute favorite Parenting book is The Philosophical Baby available here, from Audible. It's Very Scientific, while still being very readable (or listenable)

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answered 29 Nov '09, 05:36

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I thought "How To Behave So Your Children Will Too" by Sal Severe (http://tr.im/FUiY) was a really good listen. Good enough that I also got the printed book to share with my wife. it's been hard advice to follow, because it means that you have to have zero-tolerance for behavior that you don't want, but it does work. Once the children realize that you will only ask once, and that there are rewards for being a good listener -- and repercussions for not listening -- they get with the program.

It's best if both parents are on the same page, but even if just one parent does it, it will be effective.

Good luck!

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answered 27 Nov '09, 05:07

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