This is a fairly simple one, our highchair is a bit raggedy and second-hand, and we're looking for a new one.

What are the most important features to you in getting a new highchair? What advice might you give someone choosing a highchair?

So far on our list are: Removable covers (for easy cleaning) and a tray (it seems strange, but there's some without!)

asked 27 Nov '09, 12:21

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pete the pagan-gerbil
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Tammy ♦♦

We recently were on the look out for high chairs too, and like Jon, were big fans of the Stokke Tripp Trapp. The most important features that we looked for were:

  1. An adjustable chair that our child could still use way after "baby high chair age"
  2. A chair that promoted good posture
  3. Adjustable footrest so her legs don't dangle
  4. Easy to wipe and clean without nooks and crannies to breed nasties and build up dust
  5. Removable, washable chair pads
  6. Complementary to our decor
  7. Minimalistic and not bulky
  8. Simple no-fuss timeless design
  9. Strength and stability
  10. Quality materials

One thing though is that the Tripp Trapp does not come with a tray (although you can buy a table topper). To some this might be a negative, but to us it was a positive as we want to encourage our daughter's social skills and have her interact as part of the family at the dinner table rather than pushed off to one side in a traditional high chair.

Some great reviews on the Tripp Trapp can be found here. Be warned - the chair is expensive to start with and then all the extras (baby set, harness, chair cushion, etc) will blow you right out the water! But it's worth it! We love our Tripp Trapp!


answered 28 Nov '09, 02:32

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+1 for clear description of product!

(28 Nov '09, 08:02) Emi

All good answers, this had more demands than the others! The wife had already picked out the Kuster K1 - not my personal choice, but the little one loves it, is easy to clean and unlike his old one, he sits up straight with good posture! Thanks all!

(12 Dec '09, 08:02) pete the pagan-gerbil

I've just found an aftermarket tray table that you can purchase that is specifically designed for the Tripp Trapp: just like the Tripp Trapp, it's expensive (and postage outside of the US is ridiculous) but it solved my tray problem!!

(12 Feb '10, 01:04) Lin

A couple of other things to look at:

  • Does it have rollers / wheels? Are they easy to lock?
  • Is the height adjustable? It's nice -- if messy -- to try to get baby at the table, too.
  • Is it stable for where you're going to use it?
  • Does it collapse for easier storage / transport?

answered 27 Nov '09, 15:20

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Peter K.
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+1 for attempting to eat together, we did, it was great fun and yes, it little messy at times! – Emi 0 secs ago

(27 Nov '09, 19:06) Emi
  • How easy is it to wipe down? It doesn't have to have removable bits, just be easy to clean :)
  • How well does it grow with the child?

Personally we've been big fans of Tripp Trapp chairs. They don't just grow with your child - they're perfectly usable as stools for adults as well, after adjustment.


answered 27 Nov '09, 16:12

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Jon Skeet
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+1 for growing with child!

(27 Nov '09, 18:36) Emi

+1 Tripp Trapp was our choice too for the same reasons

(28 Nov '09, 02:36) Lin
  • Does it look reasonably good (I have my dining table in the living room)
  • Does it look comfy (e.g. does it have a cushion, etc.). Also can you machine wash the cloth parts?
  • Does it come with detachable table (sometimes you want to use it, when the child is older you want her/him to sit with you at the main table, its easier to clean, etc.)
  • I made sure it doesn't take too much space (I have a small flat)

answered 27 Nov '09, 17:57

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We were given a highchair that was in pretty good shape, and we used it, up until I saw a lovely red Peg Perego that we became smitten with.

In all honesty we could have continued using the the other one which was the same brand, but the colours where not my choice.

Looking back with hindsight, I would also say try and go for something that will grow with your baby if possible. Additionally;

  • It should be light enough to transfer around your home, (whether it has wheels or not)
  • It should be reasonably easy to clean
  • Have straps that can be removed and put back easily. (They can get dirty when food drips on them)
  • Be able to fit under your own dining table for when your little one decides he wants to eat with you at the table!

There are certainly many more styles available now than a few years ago.


answered 27 Nov '09, 18:53

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Peg Perego came in at 2nd place for us if we were to have gone with a traditional high chair

(28 Nov '09, 02:37) Lin

@Lin Totally agree with you Lin, I too would have prefered the Tripp Trapp but it wasn't available when we were looking. It became available afterwards :(

(28 Nov '09, 08:00) Emi

I recommend getting a booster seat instead of a highchair. My daughter has used this one from the beginning. The height adjusts so she can be at the table with us and as others have pointed out it will grow with her. Eventually we can take the tray right off and she can sit at the table.

It's also portable for travelling purposes, takes up very little space, and is very easy to clean.


answered 28 Nov '09, 01:54

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Tammy ♦♦
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Wow that looks pretty functional and compact at the same time!

(28 Nov '09, 08:04) Emi

I know it's fantastic, we love it. We had a highchair that we got before she was born. We ended up giving it to the grandparents as we didn't have a need for it.

(28 Nov '09, 12:40) Tammy ♦♦
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