My little nephew has really bad eczema and we are looking for the best kinda of cream to use on it. Also If anyone has any home remedies please let me know?

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I use unscented Glysomed on my hands (I have eczema that cracks) and have found it to be the only cream that a) stays on and b) provides relief. I'm sure if I was much more diligent in applying it frequently, my eczema would clear up. But I tend to use it only at night (to keep the cracking at bay) because it is a bit greasy, so as an adult who uses phones, computer, iPhone and drives, it's not really realistic to keep my hands greased-up.


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I should say that the reason I use unscented is because scented lotions will sting and burn, so try to stay away from those :)

(28 Nov '09, 18:49) YMCbuzz

I am a big fan of Sudocream and have recommended it several times on Moms4mom for Insect bites / allergies and nappy rash.

Friends in England swear by it, and use if for treating Eczema outbreaks for children and adults.

Here are some reviews I found. Sudocream antiseptic healing cream reviews

Edit: I am not sure if this lotion is available outside the U.K but I just remembered that we always had E45 lotion at home when we were young.

I just looked at their site and they have alot of information children's eczema, and treating it.


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About 6 months ago, my son had a really bad case of eczema, and we ended up taking him to a dermatologist that specializes in children. She highly recommended a product called Triple Paste. It doesn't require a prescription, but I do believe we had to ask for it from behind the counter at the pharmacy.

It has worked wonders for me son, and we even use it on ourselves sometimes if we get a really bad case of dry skin.


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We use this for diaper cream and it works really well. I wasn't aware it could be used for other areas. That's interesting. I haven't seen it in our grocery stores but in the US, Walgreens carries it in their baby aisle.

(29 Nov '09, 16:57) Kiesa ♦

I use Weleda products for my baby, and it's been great for all of his problems: diaper rash, dry skin, really dry craked skin on his face even. He does not have eczema, but the weather is really dry here, and we swim a lot, so dry skin is a pretty serious thing for us.

Also, I'm pretty sure these products are available internationally, so anyone can benefit from them if they so choose.

A girlfriend of mine tackled her daughter's eczema the cheap and easy way: Glaxyl Base Cream. You can get it in the pharmacy section of most stores. Many places even have a no name version.


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I use oilatumn junior in the bath instead of soaps and aqueous cream twice a day.Both are available over the counter. Bathing can really dry out the skin oilatum is good coz it helps lock in the moisture, and i like aqueous cream as its thick and waxy, i also use sudocream on any sore bits.


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My daughter's start acting up again and now she's 4 1/2 years old now I use Cortizone 10 a couple times a day and it seems to help. I did use Burt's Bees Milk and Honey lotion when she was younger.


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Try Weleda's Skin Food. It worked wonders for my child's eczema after all else failed.


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Here are some home remedies that may be useful for you:

Epsom Salt

The inflammation on the skin can be easily treated by the use of epsom salt, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Epsom salt contains a large amount of magnesium sulfate that ease the pain and itchiness caused by eczema.


With antioxidant properties, turmeric is believed to be one of the best herbs to get rid of eczema quickly. The presence of curcumin in turmeric that removes the painful feeling fast is another advantage.


Oatmeal consists of many nutrients whose qualities are strongly anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. That's why it is the good decision for eczema.

Aloe Vera

There is nothing easier than grabbing aloe vera and applying its gel over the inflamed skin to get rid of eczema completely. Aloe vera gel is truly one of the most effective home remedies for eczema and a series of other skin problems.

Coconut Oil

With antioxidant and antibacterial qualities, coconut oil is considered as one of the best home remedies for eczema. It is also very beneficial for the skin, as it provides diverse vitamins and essential nutrients to make the skin glower and healthier.


Flavonoids found in chamomile are active to help you get rid of eczema and its annoying symptoms, such as rash or itchiness

Source: Authority Remedies


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