Now, I know what you're thinking, kids can enjoy a trip anywhere when they are really little.

What my question is, is when will they recognize that the zoo is someplace special and enjoy it in that sense? When did your little one "get" the zoo?

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I brought my son to the zoo for the first time when he was 9 months old. It was more work for me and he really didn't look at the animals. It would have been better just to bring him outside to a local park. Now my son is 20 months old and I just took him to the zoo last week and he seemed to enjoy it a lot more and was more interested in the animals. I don't think he will remember it when he is older, but it is still fun for him right now and fun for me to get out!


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I took my son to the zoo at 14 months along with my 2 year old nephew. My son enjoyed petting the animals and feeding them, while my nephew knew the names and was quite excited to see some of the animals. My son picked up on that excitement sometimes so I'd like to think he got something out of it! I think it was the perfect age to introduce him to the experience, and then maybe he'll remember a bit of it when we go back again next summer.


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We were taking my son to the zoo by a year old (maybe even younger, I can't remember now). And he did get a lot out of it. He was always interested in animals, the zoo was great for him, and as a result he's now (at 3) got an encyclopedic knowledge of animals that puts most adults to shame and a very active interest in all aspects of biology and the environment.

The easy answer is to go once, at whatever age you're at, and use that to gauge whether he needs a biweekly trip, or try again in a few months and see if things have changed.

One thing I feel very strongly about is that you shouldn't base it on whether they will remember it years later. Nobody remembers any specific events from before they were three (or maybe four). But that doesn't mean they don't get a lot out of it. They would be very understimulated if you never did special things with them until they were old enough to remember them for long periods of time!


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It depends on what you call recognize. My kid was 1ish when we took him to the zoo. He got to pet the animals and have a good time, but I doubt he will remember it at all. We will though because of all the pictures. :)


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Petting zoos rock, I saw some kids playing with chickens and having a great time.

(29 Sep '09, 07:16) kurtseifried

2-3 years should be perfect... old enough to remember the trip for when they're reminded of it and old enough to enjoy all the animals. If you go to a petting zoo where they can feed the animals they'll have even more fun.


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My kids started enjoying the zoo before they were a year old. Promise of a zoo day is always a cause for excitement at our house.


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A baby can benefit from the zoo from 6 months up. New things to look at, new smells...

They might not enjoy the animals very much but if you made the noises that the animals make you might get a laugh out of them.

Plus, babies under 2 are usually free!


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When my daughter, now 23 months old, started making noises, we started singing all the barnyard animal songs, and asked her the whole "how does the dog bark?" etc. set of questions. When she was about 16 months old we took her to a petting zoo, and her eyes were as wide as saucers to see the animals in 3D for the first time. She had a great time, and we have the pictures to remember the day.

Of course she doesn't remember that experience, but ultimately she enjoyed it. To answer the question, I'd say that depending on the child's development stage, around 14-18 months is a good age.


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My almost two-year old enjoyed the zoo on a recent trip, but I don't see any connection in him when we look at the same animals in a book. When my daughters were 3, we took them several times to Sea World and they still talk about it (they're now almost 6).

So if I had to say, I'd go with three years old as being probably the earliest memories can be retained. I'm positive that it coincides with the development of speech.


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It depends on if you see the trip as buying the child something to remember. If your budget allows it a fun day with the family can never come to early.


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